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ePC Filament for 1.75mm Printers (eSun) - 0.5kg Flame Retardant UL94

Product SKU: ePC175N05

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This is a specialty filament which we brought in due to popular demand.  eSun’s Polycarbonate that has a flame retardant level UL94: V2 which is particularly useful for prototyping and meeting UL specifications.  This is a strong temperature resistant material for specific niche applications where heat resistance and low flammability is the key factor.



– High transparency
– Nontoxic, environmental-friendly
– High distortion temperature and high thermostability
– Low flammability (UL94 rating)
– Good malleability, easy to process


Print Specifications:

Available Colour: Natural
Flame retardant level: UL94:V2
Print temperature range: 235~260℃;
Hot bed temperature:100℃;
Print Speed:30-60mm/s;
Move Speed:90-150mm/s.

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