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eSun eBOX Lite

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A New & Improved Filament Dryer from eSun!

The eBOX Lite material box is a cost-effective storage unit which will maintain constant temperature and humidity. It is also moisture-proof and dust-proof with a heating function specially developed by eSUN for 3D printing filaments. Say goodbye to insufficient/uneven temperatures, inaccurate weighing, and abnormal noise of box fans.

  • Store filaments to prevent moisture and dust
  • Transparent material for real-time observation of filament usage
  • Uniform heat/humidity
  • Heat insulation and flame retardant insulation cotton line the inside of the machine to prevent scalding
  • Compatible with most 0.5/1KG, 1.75/2.85mm filaments on the market
  • Low noise due to a turbofan inside the machine

With the popularization of 3D printing technology, the usage of 3D printing filaments has also increased dramatically. Among them, FDM has gradually become the mainstream. The filaments used in FDM fusion 3D printing are mostly reel-shaped, which all have certain water absorption, including but not limited to PLA, ABS, PETG, PVA, ePA, ePA-CF, ePA-GF, PC, TPU-95A, etc. Moisture absorption will not only reduce the molecular weight but also makes filaments brittle. A series of bubbles appear on the surface of the prints, and the printed model will be stringing, rough and whitish. By heating and adding a fan to circulate and evaporate the humidity, the filaments are kept in a dry state during printing, which results in superior printing quality.

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