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eSUN eSteel Filament 1.75mm - 1kg

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eSUN eSteel Filament - 1.75mm - 1kg

Adding stainless steel to 3D printing material PLA, eSteel indicates a fashion grey metal sense after polishing. This environmentally friendly filament can be used as easily as PLA, hard to break, easy to print, with little to no warping and cracking. However, you still need to replace your nozzle and do a 1st layer adjustment.

For nozzle replacements, visit the Parts & Upgrades page here.

Technical Specs
eSun Material Datasheet
  • Print Temp 200~220℃
  • Print speed 40mm/min
  • No need heating bed temp, or suggest bed temp (60-80 ℃)


Our tests for this filament has us quite impressed. The high steel composite percentage gives your prints a true metal feel and not just a metal sheen as compared to some other filaments.  Your prints can be polished in post-processing for a smoother metal looking sheen.

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