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Everlast Ruby/Sapphire Nozzle for 3D Solex Hardcore Printcore

Product SKU: everlast-hc-40

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Nozzle Size

Super hard nozzle. Made from ruby or sapphire. Sapphire and ruby are one level softer on the hardness scale from Diamond. Print many spools of CF filament with no wear. 

Built tough to resist corrosion when printing with abrasive materials (Carbon Fibre, Bronzefil, etc).  It has much stronger resistance vs even the hardened steel nozzles.

Choose from the standard size 0.4mm or for faster and thicker walls 0.8mm

Install by screwing it into your 3D Solex Hardcore Printcore Only.  Hardcore sold separately.

These work on UM3 and UM3x 3DSolex Hardcore Printcore only.

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