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Fallout 4 Inspired Mini Nuke with Internals (Raw Print Model Kit)

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Fallout 4 Inspired Mini Nuke with Internals (Raw Print Model Kit)

Special custom designed Fallout4 inspired Mini Nuke with Internals model kit. 3D Printed on the Ultimaker 2/2+ Series of printers by the original designer Jacky Wan, (Valcrow of Now you can make your own with this 3D Printed kit. Paint and finish it to your own specs.

Assembly Guide

Assembly Guide: (Link)
Finished Model

Original reveal here.

Component Breakdown
The Kit is designed so that it is friction fitted together with slots and tabs. For a more permanent assembly, parts can be superglued in place.
Note on 3D Printed Kits
3D Printed kits and custom products may sometimes have a rougher finish. Kits may need to be sanded for fit and finish. Sometimes there maybe seam lines, jagged edges or other 3D printed artifacts on the kits. If you require a perfect specimen, this kit may not be for you. Assembly Required. Not all kits will have the same colour parts as shown, it could be combination of Silver, Grey, Black PLA.

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