Fiber Force Carbon Fiber Reinforced Nylon Filament 2.85mm

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Go to Description ▾ is proud to be the exclusive Canadian carrier for a revolutionary new filament from Fiber Force Italy.

Nyforce Carbon Fiber Filament is composed by a tough nylon reinforced with a high content of carbon fibres.  It’s perfect for precise and stable prints of objects that need to resist to high-temperatures, strains and impacts.  Very easy to print in any machine and without any strong odour, optimized for low temperatures (240/245°C) and standard nozzle size (0.4 mm), with almost no tendency to unravel or shrink which is why it excels over standard Nylon filament.  It's strength and stiffness outperform straight nylon or carbon fiber infused filaments.  You get the best of both worlds with no compromise.  It looks and feels like Carbon Fibre and is stiff and strong for load bearing.

Fiber Force Carbon Fiber Filament comes in a 500gr. Spool in 2.85mm diameter.  The spool will natively fit the standard Ultimaker spool holder.

TDS and MSDS are available.

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Shop3D Recommended Print Settings:

This should be considered an abrasive filament, we highly recommend switching to the hardened steel reinforced nozzle for printing.  Model Fans must be off or you will get layer splitting.  Also recommend running cleaning filament through the nozzle in between material changes due to the higher temperature print settings for this filament.

We have had great results with these settings:

  • Suggested print temperature (guideline)  250°C
  • Suggested print speed  ~40 mm/s
  • Suggested bed temperature  60-100°C
  • Adhesion Guides  Recommended adhesion sheets


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