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2.85mm Filament Sample Pack

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Sample Bundle

If you've ever wanted to test out different filaments then these sample packs are perfect for you. Get a enough filament for a small print to thoroughly test properties and printing characteristics.

We have assembled an Ultimaker pack, an Innofil pack and an Ultimaker Engineering pack. 

* Please note some colour may be different than pictured *


Ultimaker Pack:

Ultimaker PLA 2.85mm - easy-to-print, reliable, good surface quality - Yellow
Ultimaker ABS 2.85mm - tough, durable, temperature resistant - Red
Ultimaker CPE 2.85mm - strong, chemical resistant, low-odor - Green

* comes in 50g each type of filament ± 5g


Ultrafuse Pack:

BASF Ultrafuse 3D Professional series 2.85mm Pro1 - fast printing, strong, great surface quality - Black
BASF Ultrafuse 3D 2.85mm PLA - vibrant colors, high quality performance, non-toxic - Orange
BASF Ultrafuse3D 2.85mm PET - strong layer bonding, translucent look, impact resistance - Transparent
* comes in 50g each type of filament ± 5g


Ultimaker Engineering Pack:

Ultimaker Nylon 2.85mm - durable, impact/abrasion resistant, high strength - Black
Ultimaker Polycarbonate 2.85mm - tough, heat resistant, flame retardant characteristics - Transparent
Ultimaker CPE+ 2.85mm - chemical resistance, dimensional stability, tough - White
* comes in 50g each type of filament ± 5g


Fiber Force Abrasive Sample Pack:

Fiber Force Carbon Fiber Nylon 2.85mm - Relatively light, tough and stiffer than regular Nylon.  Beautiful matte black texture and very solid when printed with thick walls.
Fiber Force Glass Fiber Nylon 2.85mm - Super tough, stiffer than regular nylon reinforce by glass fiber, matte white appearance and feel.
Fiber Force Wood Infused PLA 2.85mm - Very nice matte wood texture that is easy to print and stainable, smells like wood when printing
* comes in 50g each type of filament ± 5g, Abrasive resistant nozzle required.

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