Formlabs Specialty Dental Resin Cartridge (1 Litre OEM)



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Specialty Dental Resins

Enhanced materials offer unique capabilities for digital dentistry


Engineered specifically for your application,

Specialty Resins are tailored for your industry need for Formlabs printers.



Formlabs Specialty Dental Resin Characteristics:


Dental SG Resin is a Class 1 biocompatible resin (EN-ISO 10993-1:20009/AC:2010, USP Class Vi) designed to directly print surgical and pilot drill guides.  (additional info)

Dental Model Resin is a high performance material for crown and bridge models with removable dies.  Use with 25 Micron print settings for maximum accuracy.  (additional info)

Dental LT Clear Resin is a Class IIa biocompatible resin for long term applications. It is clear and has high strength, fracture resistance, and wear resistance, making it ideal for splints, night guards, and other direct-printed orthodontic appliances..  (additional info)


* All Specialty resins requires UV post-cure when finishing for it to be fully cured, please consider the Meccatronicore BB Curing Solution to properly cure your functional resin prints.*

Notes on Formlabs Resins and Proper use:

Formlabs Functional resins come in a resealable and refillable 1 Litre Cartridge.
Resins should be handled in accordance with Formlabs protocols.

A new resin tank should be used per Resin colour/type for your Form 2.
Never mix the use of resin colours or types with a resin tank.

Purchase additional resin tanks here.


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