Generic 3D Printing PLA - 2.85mm 1kg

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* This line has been discontinued and will be replaced with eSun PLA+ *

With our new line, you will enjoy:

  • More vibrant colours
  • Larger colour selection
  • Still comes in 1kg spools and will be the same price as our previous Generic PLA.

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This is an economy filament we've tested thoroughly in our Ultimaker's and found it is of good quality and consistency.  It will work natively with your Ultimaker with the stock PLA settings.  No additional customization is needed.  The spool fits your Ultimaker spool holder without modification.  They are 1kg spools so you have more material per spool vs. OEM 750gr spools.


PLA is the most common and popular 3D printing material. It has a low melting point which means longer life of your printer components, almost no warping, retains good detail and corners and is very easy to use. When in doubt, just starting out, or don't have any special requirements, PLA is your go-to choice of material.


Since Ultimaker uses an open filament system, it is not mandatory to always use OEM filament.  As such, Shop3D wants to carry a nice selection of filaments at different price ranges to suit all users.  Of course the durability of your printer is paramount so this is why it has taken us so long to test a whole array of suppliers to find one that will produce a quality filament for an economical price. product review notes:


We have tested it thoroughly in our Ultimaker 2's and 2+'s. It works with your standard PLA presets. (210 C nozzle, 60 C bed temperature) The print quality is about 90% - 95% as good as OEM filament, so it is appropriate choice for most purposes. It is a low cost alternative to the OEM and premium filaments without sacrificing dimensional print quality.


Our testing has shown that it is not as suitable for use on the Ultimaker 3 Series of Printers.  Bed adhesion is more difficult, the spool size of the Ultimaker 3 is smaller so the fit is tight and finally Generic PLA has shown to be difficult to pair with PVA for soluble support.  For Ultimaker 3 Printers, we recommend using OEM or Innofil3D's PLA.


Visually the material is a little bit translucent so the layers appear to blend into each other a bit more, and it is slightly less shiney then OEM PLA.


There are some drawbacks to this filament however, the colours are mostly very muted, so if are looking to make brilliantly colored objects that look great straight out of the printer, premium or OEM filaments would be a better choice.  It also tends to string a little more than OEM filament on complicated prints.


Even though it's 'generic' filament. We have tested it, and ensure that the print quality is within our standards, the spools fit natively on the Ultimaker and it produces good results.


We recommend this for drafts, tests, prototypes, general use, large models and models you intend to paint (i.e cosplay).


Print temperature 210 C
Bed Temperature 60 C
Clean glass, no glue
30mm/s - 60mm/s speed.

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