Hardcore Two - 3D Solex Ultimaker 3 3rd Party Drop-in Core

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The hardcore 2 is a 3D Solex retrofitted Print Core for the Ultimaker 3 that allows the changing of nozzle tips.  It comes with 4 different sized nozzles that can be changed by unscrewing and re-screwing on the new nozzle size.  The heatsink maybe red or gold.

The Hardcore 4 kit includes the following:

  • Hardcore PrintCore
  • .40mm ICE coated (race)
  • .80mm (race)
  • Tools for installation

Users who are changing nozzles with this system should print this nozzle changing tool for best results. 

This is a 3rd party printcore and not supported by Ultimaker, users should consider this kit for advanced to expert use only.

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