Innofil InnoGlow Natural Photo Sensitive 2.85mm - 500gr.


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Innofil 3D is a high quality filament manufacturer also based in Netherlands.  This specialty filament comes in 500 gr. spools with 2.85mm diameter.  Works wonderfully on the Ultimaker series of printers.

This material is is for people who want their prints to "glow in the dark" once it's been printed.  It absorbs light and will glow for a length of time afterward.  Great for spooky themed toys or functional prints which need nighttime visibility.

TDS and MSDS are available here.


Shop3D Notes:

It is recommended that if you print with "Glow" type filaments, you should consider using a hardened steel nozzle for your printer as they are known to be more abrasive and will increase wear on brass printer nozzles.

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