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BASF | Innofil Innosolve PVA Water Soluble Support Material 1.75mm - 500gr.

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This product has been discontinued. Contact us if you would like assistance choosing an alternative.

Please note:  InnoSolve, like all PVA filament, is susceptible to spoiling if left in the elements to absorb moisture.  Keeping this filament sealed in a dry bag will prolong its useful life and give you the best results.

Innosolve PVA Water Soluble Support Material 1.75mm by Innofil3D

InnoSolve (PVA Compound) is a water soluble 3D Printing support material, which makes it suitable for printing support structures in complex PLA, PET and PRO1 prints on a dual extrusion 3D Printer.


InnoSolve is soluble in cold water and is not harmful for the environment.  It is odorless and 100% biodegradable.  It dissolves overnight in cold or warm tap water.  (Swirling or flowing water will speed up dissolve process)

Innofil3D is a high quality filament manufacturer also based in Netherlands.  This specialty filament comes in 500 gr. spools with 1.75mm diameter.  Works wonderfully on the Ultimaker 3 series of printers and BCN3D's Sigma 3D Printer.

TDS and MSDS are available here.

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