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Lulzbot Mini 2 - Refurbished Unit

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The Lulzbot Mini: High-Performance Hardware Anyone Can Use

Less show pony, more workhorse. A high-performance desktop 3D printer that's perfect for home users, makers, designers, engineers, architects, and anyone looking for an easy-to-use desktop 3D printer.

Technical Specs
Specifications Sheet | Quick Start Guide | User Manual | Cura Slicer (Lulzbot Edition)
  • Print Area
    160mm x 160mm x 180mm
    (6.30" x 6.30" x 7.09")
  • Print Volume
    4608cm³ (281.4in³)
  • Tool Head: Genuine E3D Titan Aero, .50mm nozzle
  • Max Hot End Temperature: 290°C 
  • Print Surface: Borosilicate Glass/PEI 
  • Max Print Surface Temperature: 120°C
  • Leveling: Automatic Z-Axis Compensation
  • Certifications: UL, CSA, ETL, FCC, CE, WEEE
  • Supported Materials: Open filament system compatible with PLA, Natural and MEtal PLA Blends, TPU, ABS, PETG, nGen, INOVA-1800, HIPS, HT, t-glase, Alloy 01-, Polyamide, Nylon 645, Polycarbonate, PC-MAx, PC+PBT, PC-ABS Alloy, PCTPE and more.
What's Included
  • Lulzbot Mini 2 3D Printer (Refurbished Unit)
  • Power Cable/Power Supply
  • Print Surface
  • 0.5mm Brass Nozzle Installed


  • 30 day warranty on printer
    • Labour only – parts not included
  • Technical support available over phone/email/chat
Condition and Use of Printer
These printers are floor demos from our Mississauga/Vancouver Showrooms.  They are used units as we print regularly with our in house printers for samples and to help customers who need the extra capacity.  They are several years old and will show regular signs of use and wear but after the refurbish and checkup process, they will still provide many years of workhorse duty.  These units will be great for users looking to add to their fleet with a steep discount but not suitable for new users looking for a clean unboxing experience.  Please call ahead and speak with an account manager prior to purchase if you are unsure if a pre-owned refurbished printer is good for you.
The LulzBot Mini was built to work out of the box, with no complicated assembly process getting in the way of you creating. Operating the Mini is the same- straightforward software, easy to read documentation and an army of LulzBot enthusiasts eager to help out people getting started. But, we didn't just build this printer for ease of use. You will still find flexible, industrial strength capacity from this machine.

Amazing Print Quality
Start with an innovative belt-driven Z-axis, add the latest in motion planning from Marlin firmware and hundreds of tested print profiles in Cura LulzBot Edition v3 software, and finish with 360-degree part cooling. You've got quality clamped down.

Flexible Materials
Go from printing PLA to TPU and back again without changing tool heads. The genuine E3D Titan Aero extruder/hot end prints both rigid and flexible materials with ease.

    Tetherless Operation
    Free your computer with the Mini 2’s Graphical LCD Controller. Just save the G-code file from Cura LulzBot Edition to the included SD card, insert, and print... wherever you are.

    Whisper-Quiet Printing
    “Is it running?” Thanks to Trinamic TMC2130 stepper motor drivers and premium igus® polymer bearings, the Mini 2 is so quiet you may have to look to be sure. The LulzBot Mini 2 makes a welcome, unobtrusive addition to quiet classrooms, libraries, and offices.

    Quick-Change Print Bed
    The Modular Print Bed System on the LulzBot Mini 2 heats up quickly and features a reversible glass/PEI print surface, expanding versatility and simplifying maintenance.

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