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Magigoo Pro Kit

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Magigoo Pro Bed Plate Adhesion Kit

Magigoo Pro adhesives are designed for professional use to work exclusively with engineering filaments. These adhesives for professional use make sure prints stick firmly when the print-bed is hot and that the part is easy to remove once it cools and the glue residue should also be easily cleaned off.

Safety Tips
  • For larger prints a 20 mm brim is recommended
  • In cases of excess adhesion, it is recommended to wet the print bed with a small amount of water slowly working it below the part, this should make part removal easier
What's Included
  • Magigoo Pro PA - Designed and tested to work with different PA (nylon) and fiber reinforced filament brands
  • Magigoo Pro PC - designed to work exclusively with polycarbonate type filaments and fiber reinforced variations
  • Magigoo Pro PP - designed to work exclusively with polypropylene filaments
  • Magigoo Original - designed to work with a variety of filaments including most PLA, ABS, HIPS, PETG, TPU types of filaments
  • Cleaning Cloth - designed for an easier solution to cleaning your bed plate
These products are for professional use. Please read the instructions carefully before use.
Using this product with other than designated type filaments might cause over adhesion and damage your build surface.
Some products may have corrosive and eye irritation substances. Wash your hands after use. Ideally use rubber gloves. Read Safety Data Sheets or consult with manufacturer if necessary.
The bottle applicator has a spring valve inside. In order to activate it, press the nib against the build plate firmly. When pressing bottle sides, make sure the applicator is not going to pop out.

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