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Material Dry Kit for UltiMaker METHOD

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Material Dry Kit for UltiMaker METHOD

3D printing filament can absorb moisture over time leading to decreased print quality, print failures, and even filament jams. Now you can refresh your material spools with the Material Dry Kit for METHOD.

The Dry Kit comes with a mylar bag filled with fresh desiccant. Just insert your Smart Spool into the bag, reseal the bag and place it onto the bed of your METHOD 3D printer, run the METHOD Dry Cycle, within 24 hours your spool will be fresh and ready to print reliable, dimensionally accurate parts.

METHOD Meterial Quality Preservation Steps

  • Smart Spools are pre-filled with desicant
  • Smart Spools ship in sealed mylar bags for defense against harmful moisture in conjunction with in-spool desicant.
  • METHOD Series 3D printers utilized Dry-Sealed Material Bays to further control environmental conditions.
  • [New] The Material Dry Kit works in conjunction with the METHOD Drying Cycle to actively refresh filament that has been exposed to excessive humidity.

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