Meccatronicore BB Cure UV Curing System - Tech Version


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This Tech Version is suited to be used with Formlabs Engineering Resins to achieve full engineering properties.


The BB cure from Meccatronicore is an essential tool to complete the curing process for Formlabs Form 2 prints that are made with Formlabs Functional Resins (Dental SG, Flexible, Tough, Castable, Durable).  Those 5 resins require a post curing solution to fully cure the print as recommended in the Formlabs post curing guide.  Standard resins may also benefit from post curing depending on thickness and penetration requirements for curing.


The BB Cure Dental's internal volume is closely matched to the Form2's build volume and is controlled by an easy to use touchscreen interface.  In addition to the UV light requirements, the BB cure will also maintain a maximum internal oven temperature of 60°C.


Failing to follow the post curing specifications may lead to lack-luster results in your Formlabs prints.  The BB Cure Tech should be considered an essential tool to finish Formlabs Engineering Resins ( strength requirements.


As per Formlabs:

"To achieve desired durability, prints made with Flexible Resin should be post-cured approximately 60 minutes at a 45°C temperature under a 405 nm wavelength light source."

Tough:  30 Minutes at 45 degrees
Flexible:  60 Minutes at 45 degrees
Castable:  120 Minutes at 45 degrees
Durable:  120 Minutes at 60 degrees.
Dental SG:  10 Minutes at 60 degrees.

Please visit the Formlabs Resin page for complete specifications on post curing.


Technical Data on the BB Cure Dental:

  • PRINTERS SIZE: 350 x 350 x 312 (h) mm
  • OBJECT MAX SIZE : diameter 250 x 200 (h) mm
  • SYSTERM: controlled by a microprocessor
  • INTERFACE: touch screen with drying
  • SORGENTE: LED UV 405nm / 365nm
  • POWER:
    • INPUT: 100-240V, 0,6A, 50-60HZ
    • OUTPUT: 12V DC 8A
    • POWER: 96 W



  • Wide internal volume to host your big creations.
  • Great power to cure your models in short time.
  • User friendly, with a touch interface for a intuitive use.
  • Beautiful minimalistic and modern design



This product includes a 6 month manufacturer's warranty.


English Manual

Some units will come with the Italian manual, the english menu is available (here).

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