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Mosaic Manufacturing CANVAS Hub S

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Not Compatible with Ultimaker.
Discover Multi-Material 3D Printing

Simplify and enhance the entire printing process by wirelessly connecting your printer, Palette 2S (sold separately), and computer using CANVAS Hub S.

    CANVAS Hub S is the keystone of Mosaic’s multi-material ecosystem. Think of it as the center of everything to do with multi-material 3D printing, and the bridge that allows your hardware products to communicate with each other and come online.

      Modernize your 3D Printing Setup

      Connected Printing with Palette 

      CANVAS Hub S serves four primary purposes: 

      1. It connects your Palette to your printer and to Octoprint meaning that your file transfer is seamless (no more SD cards!)
      2. CANVAS Hub S allows for ‘digital pinging’ to keep your Palette and printer calibrated and to reduce waste
      3. It coordinates the speeds of Palette and the printer to maximize print speed (sometimes by as much as 2x!)
      4. It allows you to remotely monitor your print using an external webcam

      With the new CANVAS Hub S, we upgraded the hardware inside from a Raspberry Pi Zero, to a Raspberry Pi  Compute Module3+

      Loaded with New Features That Enhance Your Experience

      The seamless connection between Palette, your printer, and CANVAS unlock a variety of other features only possible when the systems are talking to each other. 

      One of these features is the ability to substantially increase multi-color print speed using the “slow printer during splicing” feature in CANVAS Hub S. This feature will coordinate the printing speed with Palette so that the printer can print at max speed most of the time and only slow down during the moments when Palette is splicing filament (the slowed part of the process). This usually leads to an increase of print speed that is between 20% - 100%.

      If you plug a webcam into your CANVAS Hub S, the Pi 3+ Compute Module is now powerful enough to stream live video while it takes care of all the other printing functionality. This means that you can monitor your prints remotely giving you the freedom to leave your printers running with confidence as you work on other projects. You can even use a camera with CANVAS Hub S to record awesome Octolapses (learn how here).

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