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Murano PA-GF Filament - Fiber Force - Natural (500g) 2.85mm

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This is an abrasive filament that will wear down brass nozzles. We recommend upgrading to a steel or ruby nozzle.
Murano PA-GF Filament - Fiber Force - Natural (500g) 2.85mm Murano PA-GF: Incredible resistance when stressed

The NEW Murano PA-GF is a high performing professional filament. 

Printing Setup

Suggested printing temperature:

Suggested printing speed:
40 mm/s

Suggested bed temperature:

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Murano PA-GF is the name of a small island in the Venetian lagoon, which in the past held the world monopoly of excellent glassmaking for several centuries. Murano PA-GF is the formulation 2.0 of our well known Nylforce Glass Fiber, implemented by our engineers. This formulation, indeed increased % of real glass fiber infused and heat resistance.

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