Olsson Block Kit and 0.4mm Nozzle for Ultimaker 2 / 2+ Family

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So what is an Olsson Block? It’s a modification for the Ultimaker 2 series of 3D printers that allows the extruder nozzle to be swapped within seconds, as opposed to replacing the entire heater block every time. This lets you pick your nozzle on-the-go to fit your particular needs. Created by Anders Olsson, this amazing kit consists of a threaded heater block, installation tools and the standard 0.4mm size nozzle.  Additional Nozzles can be purchased separately as you require them.

This block will also serve as a replacement nozzle and heater block kit for the Ultimaker 2+ (as it is standard equipment on the 2+)


Olsson Block with set screw
0.4mm Brass Nozzle
Hex tool



If you need large prototypes printed fast, the 0.8mm nozzle will let you extrude the most amount of plastic in the shortest amount of time. If instead your print requires high detail, the 0.25mm nozzle will let you print extremely small objects or give your normal prints an extremely smooth and detailed finish. The 0.4mm nozzle represent a balance between these two extremes.

Installation Guide


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