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Raise3D Industrial PA12 CF Filament 1.75 mm/ 1 kg

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Raise3D Industrial PA12 CF Filament

This filament is compatible with Raise3D Industrial PA12 CF Support Filament for the Raise3D E2-CF.


Raise3D Industrial PA12 CF is a carbon fiber reinforced composite filament material based on Nylon 12 (Polyamide 12). Industrial PA12 CF is reinforced with short carbon fiber giving it excellent rigidity, strength, heat resistance, low warpage, and low water absorption. This material’s outstanding strength-to-weight ratio makes it a suitable replacement for metal when manufacturing certain lightweight components.

  • Outstanding stiffness and strength
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • High hardness
  • Less warp and water uptake
  • Metal substitute
  • End-use part and tooling
  • Functional parts
  • Manufacture aids
Material Performance
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Print settings, printer set up and notes
  • Extruder temp: 280-290C
  • Bed temp: 60-80C
  • Print speed: 35 - 95mm/s depending on the printer
  • Cooling fan: On
  • Abrasion resistant nozzle recommended
  • Dry filament for 6 hours at 80-100C and let cool to room temperature before printing
  • It is recommended to anneal your parts to get the best material properties. We recommend putting the parts in for 6-8 hours and 80C and let cool to room temperature. 
  • If you're using same material supports, make sure to remove those before annealing as the support and part can adhere to each other permanently

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