Spiral3D - Temperature Change PLA - 2.85mm - 1 kg Spool

Red to White

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This specialty filament has the unique characteristic where in its resting temperature or cooler, it starts as a red colour but as the temperature increase rises above ~30°C the prints will begin to change colour to white.  The change is smooth and gradual.  As the print cools down again, it will return to it's red / blue colour.

With a PLA base, this temperature change filament is easy to print and fun to work with.  Use standard PLA printing profiles and no special nozzles are required.  

Spool Net Weight:1kg
Print Temperature:190 - 220°C
Hot Bed Temperature:0 - 50°C
Print Speed:20 - 50mm/s

100% New Material for Premium Printing. All filaments are high purity and high accuracy with ROHS certification from SGS testing. Made in China.

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