Ultimaker 3 Maintenance Kit


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Ultimaker 3 Maintenance Kit

The Maintenance kit contains the most commonly used parts for maintenance or replacement on the Ultimaker 3 or Ultimaker 3 Extended. The kit can be purchased in addition to your Ultimaker and can be used as an overall maintenance kit or as a backup spare part kit.


What’s included?

Below you can find an overview of all the parts that are included in the Maintenance kit.

  1. Bowden tube (2x)
  2. XY calibration sheet
  3. Calibration card
  4. Glass plate
  5. Hex screwdriver 2.0
  6. Silicone nozzle cover (5x)
  7. Clamp clip (4x)
  8. Tube coupling collet (4x)
  9. Build plate clamp (2x)
  10. Silicone nozzle ring (10x)
  11. Cleaning filament
  12. Axial fan
  13. Radial fan (2x)

Look in the menu on the right or click on the name of a part to be guided to a page with instructions on how to use or replace that part. Please note that there are no separate pages for the XY calibration sheet, calibration card and hex screwdriver.

The XY calibration sheet is used to calibrate the offset between the two print cores. The calibration card can be used to manually level the build plate. Instructions on how to use these items can be found in the Ultimaker 3 manual. The hex screwdriver is needed to perform the repairs.


Maintenance schedule

To keep your Ultimaker 3 in optimal condition we recommend the following maintenance schedule, based on 1500 printing hours a year.

Every month   Every 3 months  Every year 
Clean printer Check for play on axles Clean feeders and replace bowden tubes
Lubricate axles Check tension of short belts
Check for residue in front fan of print head
Check quality of silicone nozzle cover
Clean print cores
Lubricate lead screw Z motor

Note: If the usage frequency is higher, please increase the frequency of maintenance on your machine to maintain optimal printing results.

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