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Ultimaker Taste the Rainbow Sampler Pack (6 Spools)

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No Colour Substitutions For This Bundle
Ultimaker Filament Pack - Six Spools

It might be cold or grey but that doesn't mean you can't be printing bright and happy colours!

Well here's a sampler pack designed so you can save some $$ and have all the bright colours of the easy to print Ultimaker PLA. Great for trying out all the Ultimaker colours. All spools are full-sized 750g of filament, individually sealed.

What's Included
  • 1 x Ultimaker PLA (Red)
  • 1 x Ultimaker PLA (Magenta)
  • 1 x Ultimaker PLA (Orange)
  • 1 x Ultimaker PLA (Yellow)
  • 1 x Ultimaker PLA (Green)
  • 1 x Ultimaker PLA (Dark Blue)
Reasons to Choose Ultimaker PLA
  • If you want to easily achieve high resolution prints
  • Printing concept models and prototypes when aesthetics and fine details are key
  • When you’re casting metal parts through lost PLA casting
  • It’s perfect for printing in education or in the office, thanks to low ultrafine particle emissions
  • A heated bed isn’t necessary, it works with glue and blue tape as well
  • PLA isn’t suitable for medium temperature applications (50˚C +) or long term outdoor usage. ABS is a better material for high temperature applications and CPE for outdoor usage.

PLA plastic in spools that contain 0.75kg. 2.85mm diameter and approximately 90m long.

PLA is Shop3D's recommended choice for all 3D Printing for Schools/Libraries/Homes.  It is easy to print, does not have offensive odors and the colours are nice and vibrant.

All individually sold Ultimaker filament now comes with a resealable zipper bag with silica desiccant for proper storage care for prolonged periods of time.

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