Accessing the Main Board for End Switch Replacement.

Accessing the Main Board for End Switch Replacement. Ultimaker Support Article – Jacky Wan


Begin by removing the two screws shown here. This holds onto the left panel cover hiding the motors and wires.


You can now tilt the left side panel, and remove it to uncover the wires & motors.


Lift the buildplate up with 2 fingers on either side of the bed near the back of the printer (so you aren’t bending the buildplate platform). Unplug the printer and flip the printer so it rests on it’s left side.


Using the allen key provided (or a 2.0mm hex bit) and a plier holding onto the corresponding nut on the bottom of the machine, unscrew these two screws that hold the main board panel in place. Remove the panel to reveal the main board.


Now that you have access to the board.


Wiggle the problem connector loose with a needle nose pliers, and replace with a working part.

Reverse the order to assemble the machine. it’s sometimes a good idea to test with the panel off to see if everything works electronically before putting all the covers on as additional trouble shooting may be required.

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