Innofil 3D 2.85mm PET CF (Carbon Fiber) Filament (Netherlands)

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PET CF is a unique composite material which produces parts with a matte black satin textured finish. Perfect for applications where the final part needs to be strong, rigid, light weight, and have that 'carbon fiber' look and feel. It's solid, stiff and has a satisfying sandy texture to the surface. The surface quality also hides most printing lines and imperfections creating a much more prestigious feel that doesn't look printed.

Compared to similar carbon fiber composite materials like Fiber Force Nylon/CF and Nylon/GF, Innofil PET CF is a lot more rigid; resisting deformations a lot more, but as a result, less impact resistant. There are certain applications where flex is not a desirable trait, and this is where the PET CF will fill the need much better than Nylon CF.

PET CF is also less sensitive to moisture as Nylon CF and is more dimensionally stable and easier to print as it adheres to the bed slightly better than Nylon parts which can warp.

This spool comes in 2.85mm diameter filament spool of 750gr.  


Shop3D Test Notes:  

PET CF is an abrasive filament so it requires a steel or Ruby nozzle to print. There are particles of carbon fiber suspended in the filament so it is prone to clogging if the flow and temperature settings are incorrect. Based on our tests, it is best to print PET CF with a 0.6mm Ruby nozzle or larger. And at layer heights of 0.2mm. Too small of a layer height can cause clogging.


Shop3D Recommended Print Settings:

Cura settings:
-Nylon Preset (fine)
-Layer height = 0.2
-Initial Layer height = 0.2
-Print speed = 45
-Infill, wall speed = 40
-Brim Recommended

Printer settings:
-Cooling = 0%
-Temperature = 260C
-Bed temp = 85 - 100
-Adhesion Dimafix recommended but not required 

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