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Dimafix Pen (Applied Adhesion Aid)

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Dimafix Adhesion Aid

Dimafix Pen (90ml) is a new product based on Dimafix formula. Which maintains the same adhesion properties of Dimafix spray format in aiding in print adhesion and reducing print base warping but in dabber liquid format (available for air shipping).

  • Strong Bond
  • Stop Warping
  • Easy Print Removal
  • Easy to Clean (Water Coluble)
  • Recommended for printing on Heated Beds
  • Each Bottle Allows For More Than 100 Uses
  • Recommended for Engineering Filaments
Shop3D Test Notes

There is a huge variety of plastics that can be printed, and not all of them stick well onto the heated glass. The natural shrinking caused by the cooling will sometimes pull parts off the bed mid-print or not start at all without the use of glues, adhesion sheets or other clunky solutions.

Dimafix is a catch-all solution for worry-free bed adhesion across all high-temperature engineering filaments.

It comes in an easy to apply pen applicator. Simply use a little bit of solution onto the glass in the areas you intend to print on and start your print. It is intended for engineering filaments that have a high glass transition temperature that traditionally has bed adhesion problems. We've tested various filaments that we've had trouble printing on straight glass in the past with amazing (and most importantly, easy success).

We've tested: Carbon fiber nylon, Glass fiber nylon, UM Nylon, UM Polycarbonate, UM CPE, UM CPE+ All of which we've had trouble printing in the past without adhesion sheets but stick extremely well with Dimafix applied to the glass. The adhesion works so well that it also prevents warping at the base due to the stresses.

As long as you set your bed temperature to above 85C, the material will stick well onto it and hold it for the duration of the print. Once the bed temperature drops below 60C during cooldown, the part will lift off.

Dimafix is not recommended for PLA and any material that has a low print bed temperature. But we highly recommend it for all engineering filaments. It makes it easy and painless to use high-temperature materials. Clean's up easily with water and requires little to no adjustment to your printing workflow. One pen will last you over 100 applications.


This formula is extremely cost efficient as each pen will last upwards of more than 100 applications. It is water soluble so it is easy to clean. The Dimafix Pen self activates as the temperature of the heated bed increases and then deactivates when the bed is being cooled down after printing allowing successful detachment of prints.  

Please remember to cap and store your Dimafix in a cool dry environment, do not expose to the elements.  

Heated bed temperature zones:


Instructions for Use:

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