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Why Shop With Us


The use of 3D Printers in a commercial environment is usually suited to very specialized applications.  Contact our technical sales staff for an in depth consultation regarding the needs of your business.  We’ll take into consideration the required function of the 3D Printer and the complexity of the parts you are trying to prototype as well as cost and ROI.

Our print team can even produce standard or customized sample parts for your evaluation so you know exactly what to expect. Let our expertise in the industry guide you to the 3D printing solution that fits your organization the most.  

CANADA'S OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTOR FOR THE TOP 3D BRANDS is the primary official Canadian distributor and sales partner for Ultimaker 3D Printers, filaments and accessories and parts.  We are also the Canadian reseller for Formlabs 3D Printers, resins and accessories.  Shop3D is acts as the North American distributor for Innofil3D filaments.  

We are proud to represent these brands in providing top tier OEM 3D printing equipment to the Canadian market.  Enjoy peace of mind with genuine OEM parts and accessories and an expert sales and technical team that will always be able to provide you with the best recommendations for your particular application.


We are 3D Printsmen at heart and as Canadians we always felt we didn't have the access the rest of the world had.  We took it upon ourselves to be the change we wanted to see so we became Ultimaker and Formlabs' inaugural sales and support partners to Canada. It wasn't enough for us to just sell the printers but we wanted our customer base to be fully supported with services. 

Canadians are a creative bunch and we deserve all the tools and support available to the rest of the world and I think with's large inventory and support team, we are able to give Canadian's the fastest shipping time and 3D Printer expertise worthy of envy from other countries around the world.


This may seem under-rated, but we’re professional users of all of the products we sell.  Before any of our products show up on our website, we thoroughly test it by workflow, ease of use and performance.  It’s very evident of our expertise on the product lines we represent once you engage us in conversation.  It’s all we want to talk about.

Why we sell our particular lines of Printers and Consumables

  • After numerous trade shows, these are the best on the market in their particular categories from extensive internal testing
  • The filaments we choose are guaranteed to work with our printers and available in tiers
  • The consumables will not harm your printer if you follow our guide, we will warn you if it increases wear and tear
  • We list recommended print settings for all our filaments after all our testings for optimal results


Shop3D has sold hundreds of 3D printers to government and educational institutions all over in Canada.  Rest assured that we have the experience and the track record of selling and servicing to all levels of government and educational institutions and will be able to provide any references or testimonials on request.

Selling with Integrity:

  • does not use specific customers on our website as endorsements unless explicitly approved by customers
  • We are an approved vendor for the Government of Canada (ID upon request)
  • On approved Vendor list for almost all universities and colleges in Canada
  • follows strict anti-corruption guidelines for all sales
  • A clear and non invasive privacy policy that complies with most institutions
  • All conflicts of interest (if any) will be expressly communicated
  • If there is any error or miscommunication, Shop3D will immediate inform the customer and provide a resolution


When purchasing a 3D Printer at this level, you come to expect a certain level of service.  We go beyond that.  The customer experience at is carefully managed.  We remember our customers, what they ordered and send you a note to verify if we think you may have ordered the wrong item. purchasing experience

  • In addition to our showroom, we have a the largest “in stock” inventory of Printers, Parts and Consumables in Canada so you can always get what you need, no one we know stocks the inventory we do.
  • We ship the same business day if you place and complete an order before 2pm
  • All of our stock is in our Brampton warehouse, no dropshipping (Makerbot excluded), no brokerage fees, no import duties
  • We have technical and after-sales support staff to help you with any issues or advice
  • We carry the most common parts and accessories for all our 3D printers and are authorized to service


Though being a 3D Printer Reseller is a new venture for us, our founder’s Ken and Jacky have been pioneers in the industry for many years since the 3D Printing revolution began.  We continue to consistently contribute to the 3D Printing community with our expertise and our love for 3D Printing.

Our Expertise comes from:

  • Monthly expert 3D printing contributor to Print Guides
  • Blogging on and providing cool content
  • Retained as a 3D Printing and marketing consultant to world class manufacturers
  • Making some of the most iconic 3D Models available to the public for free
  • Attending the worlds largest 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing shows
  • Printing and pushing our printers to the limits, resolving problems permanently with manufacturers

SHOP3D.CA IS A PUBLIC SHOWROOM OPEN 5 DAYS A WEEK is not just a webshop but we’re also a public store / showroom.  We’re open 5 days a week and fully staffed with sales, technical and support staff ready for your visit.  You don’t need an appointment to drop in and you can pick up everything on our webshop at the store (please call to verify stock).  Call the shop at 905-799-1133.

Services Offered in Store:

  • In store Sales Consultations (Recommendations, samples, talk to our experts)
  • 3D Printer and Supplies Local Pickup (no shipping fees)
  • Service and Repairs (Drop off your 3D Printer for servicing, please call to verify)
  • See samples of a massive 3D Prints, compare filament and resin consumables, look at upgrade kits
  • Place a 3D Print to Order, have us print something for you
  • Come to chat and drink coffee, find inspiration for your project