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3D Print on Demand

Go from digital file to a finished part with our experienced print team. We’ll help you determine the best material and process selection to optimize for strength, surface finish or price, and have the part finished and shipped to your door.

3D Scanning

Have your physical parts 3D scanned for reverse engineering, part fitting or analysis. Send in or drop off your part to be scanned and let our experts scan, cleanup the data, and produce an STL for you to use.

Laser Cutting & Engraving

Take advantage of our Laser Cutting and Engraving services a la carte to get precision cuts with different types of woods, acrylics and natural materials.

Installation & Training

Fully equip your team for success by having vendor certified shop3D staff install your systems and on-board your operators. Ensure that you are fully equipped to fully leverage the equipment from day 1.

Design Services

Have an idea but don’t have the capacity to engineer or design in-house? We can help you make it a reality from start to finish from discovery, consultation and design prototyping.

Site Scan & Application Consultations

How can 3D printing help your Design & manufacturing process? Let our experts help you boil down the massive sea of choices to a few well considered solutions with clear expectations and outcomes.

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  • New Offerings From Peel3D - The Peel3 & Peel3 CAD
    Your 3D scanning experience has never been this complete, this balanced, or this awesome. Say hello to our new generation of professional-grade 3D scanners. Lets take a look at the new scanners!
  • Shop3D at DEX Expo 2022!
    Shop3D at DEX Expo 2022!
    This year Shop3D will be in attendance at the event in Hamilton, ON on September 20th. We will be featuring printers from some of our most popular brands such as Formlabs, Ultimaker, Raise3D, and BCN3D. We also will have a 3D Scanner Demo set up featuring one of our Shining3D EinScan products! Come visit our sales team at our booth in the Exhibitor area!
  • Share Your Scan & Win!
    Share Your Scan & Win!
    Let's Celebrate 3D Scanning together!
    Do you remember the first time you used your EinScan 3D Scanner?
    Do you still have the data set of the first piece you scanned?
    Or do you have some outstanding scanning projects you are eager to share with us and the whole EinScan community?
    We want to see your scans!
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