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Frequently Asked Questions

Zip Code Validation Errors

Why am I getting a "The Zip Code You Supplied Failed Validation" error when I checkout?

Our store uses the highest security measures because some users checkout with high value transactions (over $20k). These security measures check to make sure that the information you enter matches the credit card, including the billing address. This error happens when the Postal Code doesn't match what the bank has on file.

This error happens most often when using a corporate card since the registered address of the credit card is sometimes, head office, local office, or even registered office of director or officer.

How to Solve the Issue

Users of the card will have to reference the credit card bill to see exactly what the billing address is. The billing address "Zip Code" has to match the Postal Code that the bank has on file (shipping zip doesn’t matter)

If you are unable to checkout due to this error you can contact us at 905-501-8558 (Ontario) or 604-336-9393 (British Columbia) during regular business hours and a customer service rep will be happy to assist.

How Does it Prevent Fraud?

It prevents fraud because most people who steal a credit card's information do not know where the billing address is. This information is verified automatically through Shopify's built in Address Verification System.

The order errored but a charge is appearing on my credit card, why?

The payment was attempted, so it may appear as "pending" on your credit card statement. If you made multiple attempts there may be multiple "pending" notices.

If you did not receive an order confirmation then your order did not go through and you will not be charged.

Once the bank confirms the transaction was cancelled it will be removed from your statement. You can contact your bank for further information about their policies.

Why does this happen on your site and not on other sites?

We sell high value items and take fraud very seriously by employing the highest Credit Card verification available as well as ID verification for new customers. Through this security we have stopped several fraudulent orders over $5000.