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Mosaic Array - Automated Multi-Material 3D Printer (Pre-order)

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  To book a reservation for the Mosaic Array, contact us for more details. Estimated Release Date is End of Q3 2022.

Using Array’s 4 printers and large build volume, smart print queuing, automated print monitoring and modular design, you can now achieve high machine utilization, low downtime and high throughput 3D printing.

Engineered for an automated, easy-to-manage and seamless experience, implementing Array into your production system means you can spend less time on the maintenance and management of your printers, and more time printing - even when you’re not there.

Array's robotic gantry system changes out materials and print beds to ensure your printers are running around the clock.

By increasing your print capacity, Array ensures a lower cost per part, reduces labour, and guarantees a shorter ROI period than other industrial printing systems.

Technical Specs
  • Hot End Temp: 350°C
  • Bed Temp: 120°C
  • Build Volume: 14”x14”x14” (355mm)
  • Large Purge Container with densifier
  • Automated Filament Management System
  • Dimensions: H: 2.1m (6’,11”), W: 1.6m (5’, 2”)
  • L: 1.6m (5’, 2”)
  • Compatible Materials: Nylon & Nylon CF, ABS, PLA, PETG, TPU, PVA, HIPS
Key Features and Benefits
  • 4 automated 3D printers
  • Robotic gantry system servicing entire unit
  • Storage cart used to store finished parts
  • Build volume of 14”x14”x14” (355mm)
  • CANVAS enabled smart print queuing
  • Internal webcams monitoring prints and detecting failures in real time
  • Modular design for ease of serviceability
  • Minimum of 72 hours with no operator intervention
Each printer within Array is outfitted with Mosaic’s Palette X technology and capable of printing models in up to 8 materials and/or colours. The new CANVAS Array slicer software, specifically designed to work with Array, allows you to:

Create a smart print queue, which enables Array to continue printing autonomously for a minimum of 72 hours
Seamlessly manage all of your projects, on your own or with the team
Designate accesses to members of the team (ie. Owner, Administrator, Operator)
Monitor your prints remotely by connecting to webcams within Array

As prints finish, the automated gantry system removes the bed from the printer with the finished part in it, moves it to the storage cart, places a new bed in the printer and CANVAS’ smart queueing then begins the next print. This process continues until your storage cart is filled with finished parts. Once full, an operator replaces the storage cart with a new one containing fresh beds, and Array’s process begins again.
CANVAS is Mosaic’s simple and easy-to-use slicer software. CANVAS comes free for a single user and CANVAS TEAMS will be available for those with a larger workforce, allowing effective collaboration.
    • Perfect for one material, built for multi-material.
    • Set accesses for everyone on the team, from Owners to Contributors.
    • Apply color, logos, serial numbers and more directly to your single file 3D models by digitally painting in CANVAS.
    • Share, Save, organize, and track your print settings in the cloud for yourself or with the team.
    • Monitor your prints from home, or anywhere, using Element’s webcams connected to CANVAS.
Element Features Spotlight
Multi-Material Capabilities
All 4 printers (Element) within Array are capable of printing in up to 8 materials and colours, but all 4 can also simultaneously print completely different parts.
Storage Cart
As your prints finish, they will automatically be stored for you until your cart is full of completed parts.
Material Storage Capacity
Each printer within Array can hold 16kgs of material, allowing you to have a total of 64kgs of material on deck, ready to print at any given time.
Gantry System
Array’s robotic attendant removes completed prints with their bed, stores them, and places a new bed in the printer to start the next print.

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