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Formlabs BioMed Elastic 50A Resin Cartridge V1.1 (1 Litre OEM) - Form 4

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This product is exclusively for use with the Formlabs Form 4B

BioMed Elastic 50A Resin is a soft, elastic, medical-grade material for applications requiring comfort, biocompatibility, and transparency. This ISO 10993 and USP Class VI certified material is made in an FDA-registered, ISO 13485 facility and can be used in applications for long-term skin contact (>30 days), and short-term mucosal membrane contact (<24 hours).


BioMed Elastic 50A Resin is the softest elastomeric material in our biocompatible family of BioMed resins, empowering healthcare professionals and medical device engineers with new design possibilities and efficiencies. Customers can choose BioMed Elastic 50A Resin to directly print patient-specific medical devices with enhanced comfort or soft tissue models surgeons can reference in the O.R. By directly printing devices or models, BioMed Elastic 50A Resin eliminates labor time and cost. Equipped with a shore hardness of 50A and 150% elongation at break, this ISO 10993 and USP Class VI certified material is produced in an FDA-registered, ISO 13485 facility and can be used in applications requiring long-term skin contact or short-term mucosal membrane contact.


Directly 3D print soft, elastic parts requiring biocompatibility with BioMed Elastic 50A Resin. Reduce workflow times by eliminating molding to directly produce comfortable, patient-specific medical devices or soft tissue medical models surgeons can reference in the O.R.

BioMed Elastic 50A Resin is ideal for:

Comfortable medical devices requiring long-term skin contact
Firm tissue models to assist in surgeries
Soft tissue models, including organs, muscle, skin, and small vasculature

Achieve new design possibilities and efficiencies using 3D printing and BioMed Flex 80A Resin, from producing flexible biocompatible medical devices to anatomical models requiring biocompatibility.


Parts produced using this material appear transparent and clear to view how tools or objects flow within parts.


Produce mass-personalized, medical-grade parts that are comfortable and feel great.


Produce soft tissue models that feel similar to human tissue and deliver biomechanical behaviors that are ideal for creating full-size hearts, gastrointestinal models, or small complex neurovascular models to bring into the O.R.

Medical-Grade Material, Biocompatible Parts

Leverage a material manufactured within our Quality Management Systems, with strict adherence to ISO 13485. Instill confidence that this material is suitable for biocompatible applications with long-term skin (>30 days), short-term mucosal membrane contact (<24 hours), and USP Class VI certifications.

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