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Introducing the latest update to Einstar software: EXStar v1.2

March 28, 2024

Einstar, Shining 3D’s most affordable scanner is known as the handheld 3D scanner which makes high-quality 3D data available and accessible to everyone. It comes pre-installed with its own software, the EXStar v1.0.6.0, which is user-friendly and incredibly easy to use.

The EXStar software has now gotten a new look, with a shiny new upgrade: the EXStar v1.2! The Einstar team has implemented years of user feedback in this new upgrade; elevating data quality and delivering clearer, sharper scans with richer, more realistic textures.

What to expect in the new version


Reduced PC Requirements: Now you can experience Einstar with more PCs with reduced PC configuration requirements.

Recommended Configuration
  • Computer Memory RAM: 32GB or above
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX1050 or above dedicated graphics card
  • Graphics Memory: 6GB or above
  • Processor: I7-11800H or above
Required Configuration
  • Computer Memory RAM: 16GB or above
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX1050 or above dedicated graphics card
  • Graphics Memory: 4GB or above
  • Processor: I5-1240P or above
Faster Processing speed:

The v1.2 is up to 38% faster than the v1.0.6.0 when generating point cloud, while loading project group is 66% faster, saving time during the scanning process.

Compact project size:

With the upgrade comes reduced file size so that it takes less storage space on your PC while maintaining high data quality. With the new update you can get up to a 75% reduction in file size.

Optimized data quality

Capture data with sharper and clearer details with the Exstar.

Sharper texture

The v1.2 boasts of ensuring the high fidelity of color texture.

New Features Editing and Post-Processing Tools
  • Align Mode Combination: Users now have more flexibility in selecting align modes. Features, textures, and markers can now be combined arbitrarily.
  • Auto Cutting Plane: Recognises whether you’re scanning on a desktop or flat surface, and captures only the data above and not underneath the cutting plane. This allows more time for editing and deleting irrelevant data after scanning.
  • Adjust Point Distance: Freely adjust the point distance during scanning; increase it to reduce the amount of data captured, or reduce it to enhance the data detail.
  • Maker/Point Cloud Editing: Markers and point clouds can now be edited separately.
  • Scan Rewind: With the latest version, it is easy to rewind 200 frames at once, in the event of any mistakes or misalignment during scanning.
  • Mesh Display Type: Choose to display your scan model in different display types: triangles, wireframes, point cloud data, or a combination of triangles and wireframes.
  • Model Display: Auto rotate the 3D model according to the current view and adjust the rotation speed according to your needs.
  • Object Mover: Pan/rotate the model easily by dragging the three-axes object mover.
  • Quick Alignment: Align the 3D model more conveniently to the world coordinates. The direction of the coordinate system after alignment is: Z-axis up, X forward, and Y right.
  • Marker/Point Cloud Distance Measurement: Now you can measure global markers and point cloud, and save the results to your local drive.
User Friendly Functions
  • Shining3D Account: Users can create a Shining3D account and have access to more advanced settings from their account.
  • More Languages: To make the software more accessible, a number of new languages have been added - Turkish, Polish, Italian, Portuguese.
3rd Party Platform Integration
  • Shining 3D Digital Cloud: Seamlessly upload scanned data to Shining 3D Data Cloud and share it with others. The cloud also supports embedding 3D display models in web pages.
  • 3Dconnexion CadMouse: The new update supports 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse. Shortkeys will be automatically activated upon installation of the 3DxWare software.

With EXStar v1.2, Einstar’s overarching aim is to empower users of all skill levels to scan effortlessly and efficiently, and with the improvements and new features which have been introduced to streamline the scanning process, they are well on their way to achieving this goal.

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