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ESA/ETL Electrical Certification Service for Bambu Lab


This is a service, not a physical product.

Please contact us to arrange delivery and pickup of your units and for timing estimations.

ESA/ETL Electrical Certification Service for Bambu Lab

This is a service provided by the Shop3D team for institutions or individuals who have purchased a Bambu Lab Printer either directly from Bambu or another reseller, in which the unit has not undergone electrical certification from a certifying authority.  Printers purchased directly from the manufacturer do not have the required mandatory certification and marks required for operation in Canada.

Note:  All Printers from Shop3D already have the certification and this service is NOT required.

Why Recognized Marks are Important

Before an electrical product is used, sold, displayed, or advertised for sale in Ontario, it must be assessed and approved by an accredited certification or field evaluation agency. Items that carry the recognized mark or label of an agency have gone through this process.
The use of unapproved equipment or products is against the law in Ontario and can put you, your property, and others at risk.
If you have a Bambu Lab Printer that does not have the proper certification, please consider obtaining this certification with our service to comply with Canadian laws.

Terms and Conditions
  1. The costs listed for this service do not include transport to and from Shop3D’s Mississauga location.  All shipping and handling is extra. 
  2. Shipping and insurance are the responsibility of the requestor. Local drop-off and pickup are available and preferred.
  3. Our Certifications take place approx. 1 month apart. Units slated for certification need to arrive at a minimum 3 days before the certification date.  In rare circumstances, certifications may be rescheduled due to inspector unavailability or sickness.  Shop3D is not responsible for any delays with the certification process whatsoever.
  4. New or Used Units may be certified as long as the units are not modified and are completely stock and functioning as originally intended. Failure to adhere to this may result in your unit being uncertified. The cost of certification will still be levied since the inspection took place.
  5. Inspectors will inspect and certify each unit in person and will directly interact with your unit.
  6. Original Printer Serial #’s must be provided to be added to the certification database.
  7. Discounts may be appliable for multiple units greater than 5.

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