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The Adhesion sheet is a thin printing aid that helps certain materials (especially engineering filaments) get a good stick to your heated bed.  The adhesion sheet is self adhesive and should be applied smoothly to your Ultimaker Glass Bed and used with the recommended bed temperature.  For application, the sheet should be wet and with a credit card or a straight edged, smooth the bubbles out.  This is the same adhesion sheet supplied with the Ultimaker 3 Advanced 3D Printing Kit and is recommended as a refill.

* Each Pack contains 20 x Adhesion Sheets + Squeegee *

This sheet is consumable in that after a few uses, your prints may start to rip pieces of the adhesion sheet from the bed.  Remove the remainder of the adhesion sheet by soaking in warm soapy water and pulling the remainder of the adhesion sheet off.  It is recommended that you keep 1 Print Glass bed clean and 1 Print Glass bed with the adhesion sheet on and switch out as necessary.  For extra print glass beds, please see here.


When to use the Adhesion sheet aid?

Adhesion sheets on glass beds can be used in combination with all Ultimaker filaments, although the benefits are greater for some materials than for others. See the table below for an overview of the compatibility and advice:

Material Adhesion sheet
PLA Optional
ABS Optional
CPE Optional
CPE+ Highly recommended
PC Highly recommended
Nylon Optional
TPU 95A     Not advised

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