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UltiMaker METHOD X RapidRinse Filament (0.45kg, 1lb)

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UltiMaker METHOD X RapidRinse Filament (0.45kg, 1lb)

Print dimensionally accurate ABS parts with the ease of PLA. Print your parts with confidence in ABS-R and RapidRinse™, drop your part into tap water, and watch the supports dissolve to nothing in just minutes. Only on METHOD X.



ABS is one of the most in-demand yet difficult materials to 3D print. METHOD X patented VECT™ 110 technology combined with proprietary RapidRinse™ support delivers incomparable ABS parts with unprecedented ease.


Forget the cumbersome wash tanks and chemicals - RapidRinse™ dissolves in pure tap water so it’s easy to use in just about any environment.


You don’t have time to wait around while your print dissolves, so we’ve engineered RapidRinse™ to dissolve faster than PVA and competitive high-temp dissolvable support materials. There’s really nothing that comes close.

This material is a moisture sensitive material. The spools are shipped in resealable mylar bags, which are impermeable to light and moisture and help protect the filament from potential damage. Within the spool there is also desiccant to keep the environment moisture-free. A moisture sensitive material will run the risk of a high moisture uptake if stored improperly, which can result in decreased print quality and damage to the extruder.

Printer Compatibility
  • UltiMaker METHOD X 3D Printer
  • UltiMaker METHOD X Carbon Fiber 3D Printer*
  • UltiMaker METHOD XL
* Printing the compatible ABS-R on the MakerBot METHOD X Carbon Fiber 3D Printer will require the 1XA Extruder or LABS GEN 2 Experimental Extruder.
Extruder Compatibility
  • Support 2XA Extruder

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