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Best-in-class reliability

The UltiMaker Method series: Reliable 3D printers, production-grade materials, and a connected 3D printing software ecosystem that scales with your business

Precision printing. Industrial Scale.

The Method XL bridges the gap between desktop and industrial printers, providing a perfect fusion of accessibility and performance. Meticulously engineered to create large, accurate parts, this groundbreaking 3D printer utilizes industrial-grade materials that match the precision of industrial production. With its expansive build volume, exceptional dimensional accuracy, and temperature-controlled build chamber, the Method XL can create durable and complex parts with ease.
  • Extra large build volume:

    Print large engineering parts with ease
  • Precise temperature control:

    Both the heated build plate and the actively heated build chamber combine to create a stable environment for printing accurate parts of any size.
  • Integrated air filters:

    Exhaust air from the Method XL passes through both HEPA and carbon filters
  • 5-in-1 modular extruders:

    Quickly change between material groups, preventing cross-contamination
  • Water-soluble supports:

    Print manufacturing tools and production parts to spec with ABS and a game-changing water-soluble support material that dissolves quickly and easily in tap water
  • Ultra-rigid metal frame:

    : A structurally optimized metal frame runs the full length of the body to offset flexing. Less flexing means more consistent prints with better part accuracy and fewer failures
The UltiMaker platform

3D printers that simply work

Our award-winning 3D printers are robust, reliable, and easy to use. They deliver quality parts time and again. Designed and tested to run 24/7, they allow you to achieve the results you need more quickly and easily.


Secure and easy to use, CloudPrint is the slicing and printer management software that will get you from CAD file to printed part in no time using a seamless workflow. Free when used with any Method series printer

Engineering grade materials

Print manufacturing tools and production parts to spec with real manufacturing-grade materials

Success-oriented support

Wherever you are in the world, UltiMaker support is close by. Our global network of service partners offer professional installation, training, and maintenance in your language and time zone.

Tech Specs
  • Technology: Print head Dual-extrusion print head with swappable extruders
  • Print head: Dual-extrusion print head with swappable extruders
  • Build volume: (XYZ) Dual extrusion 305 x 305 x 320 mm (12 x 12 x 12.6 in)
  • Layer resolution: 0.40 mm nozzle: 400 - 100 micron
  • Dimensional accuracy: +/- 0.2mm or +/-.002mm per mm of travel (whichever is greater)*
  • XYZ resolution: 11.25 micron for XY, 0.625 micron for Z
  • Max chamber temp: 100 °C
  • Build plate: Flexible build plate, heated up to 105 °C
  • Integrated air filters: HEPA and carbon filters
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm
  • Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Operating sound: 57.1 +/- 3 dB
  • Connectivity Wi-Fi: (2.4GHz + 5GHz), LAN, USB port
  • Dimensions: Printer: W 655 x D 565 x H 815 mm (W 25.8 x D 22.2 x H 32.1 in) Material case: W 223 x D 328 x H 319 mm (W 8.8 x D 12.9 x H 12.6 in)
  • Net weight: Printer: 56.5 kg (125 lb) Material case: 1.9 kg (4.2 lb)
  • Free supplied software: CloudPrint
  • Supported OS: MacOS, Windows, and Linux
  • Warranty period: 12 months
Compatible materials

UltiMaker ABS-R

Engineering-grade ABS that is as easy to print as PLA

UltiMaker RapidRinse

Water-soluble support material that enables you to print complex parts with ease

UltiMaker ABS-CF

The performance of carbon fiber combined with the reliability of ABS-R.

  • Polymaker Polymax™ PC
  • Luvocom 3F PAHT® CF 9891
Performance extruders

The right extruder for the right material

Extruders optimized for specific materials. Including composites and support materials. Plus, unlock thirdparty materials using the Labs open material extruder.

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