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FreeYourTesla Charger Cap Protector

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Tesla Charger Cap Protector

Thanks to FreeYourTesla, we are now able to offer this Charging Cap Protector as a redeemable item in our Shop3D Select Rewards Program! The rubber material keeps your charging cable from being subjected to the harsh weather and taking on damage. 

Technical Specs
  • Item Weight: 3.17oz
  • Product Dimensions: ‎4.72in x 1.18in x 4.72in
Product Features
  • Fits all North American Tesla Chargers (except the super chargers)
  • Protects against rain and snow
  • Protects the charger end from damage when dropping it
This item is made of a durable rubber material which can protect against rain, snow, and even an accidental drop on the ground. It also fits all North American Tesla Chargers except the super chargers. Redeem yours today for only 500 Select Reward Points!

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