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AESUB Green Scanning Spray (1L) (Refill for Spray Gun)

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Not a standalone product, requires use with Aesub Spray Gun
AESUB Green Scanning Spray (1L)

AESUB Green is a vanishing spray/aerosol for surface matting for optical digitization (3D scanning) that is contained in a bulk liquid format to be used with a spray gun with 0.80mm or larger nozzle aperture. Portable, battery-operated spray guns are available for purchase. AESUB Green sprays on smoothly and lasts longer than the original AESUB Blue disappearing formula. AESUB Green is perfect for large scale and automated 3D scanning applications. 

 Using AESUB Green, a temporary, optically ideal surface is created to quickly and precisely capture even complex surfaces (transparent, translucent, reflective,..). AESUB Green forms a homogeneous, grip-resistant layer with minimal layer thickness on which even reference points adhere. AESUB Green is free of pigments and evaporates completely after application. Subsequent cleaning of the scan objects is thus no longer necessary. 

Aesub Product Range | Scanning Sprays

Product AESUB
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aerosol can
400 ml

1L, 5L, 200L

200 ml
Measurement Volume: S-M S-L S-XL S-M L-XL XS-S
Spraying Distance: 15-20 cm 5-10 cm
Coating: vanishing vanishing permanent vanishing vanishing vanishing
Effective Scan Time: 1-2 h 4-8 h permanent 1-2 h 1-2 h 2-4 h
Sublimation time: 4 h 12-24 h -- 4 h 6 h 4-6 h
Colour white white white transparent white white
Contain pigments: no no yes no no no
Contain titan dioxide: no
Layer Thickness 8-15 μm 2-6 μm 7 μm 15-20 μm 10-20 μm 0.5-1 μm
Adhesion of Reference Points: yes yes no yes yes yes
Coverage Area: 4 m² / can 4 m² / can 4 m² / can 4 m² / can 15 m² / L 20 mm² / ml
Optimal Processing Temperature: 21°C (69.8°F)
Shelf Life: 5 years
Packaging Unit: 12 / box 12 / box 12 / box 12 / box 6 x 1L / box
12 x 200 ml
/ box

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