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AESUB Transparent - Disappearing Dulling Spray for 3D Scanning

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AESUB 3D Scanning Spray 

AESUB is a spray formulated specifically to aid in 3D scanning. The spray imparts an even, thin, matte white surface finish onto the part allowing white light 3D scanners to resolve even the most challenging surfaces. It makes previously impossible to scan materials like glass, metal and clear plastics and rubbers a breeze. As well as providing a consistent scan surface for increased scan accuracy and easier feature tracking.

AESUB TRANSPARENT is a self-vanishing dulling spray developed by scanning experts. It creates a matte but still visible layer that is suitable for use with photogrammetry, Lidar, or other color-capturing scanning methods. The spray evaporates within a few hours, which means that there is no need for cleaning after scanning. AESUB transparent can be applied directly to the spot of scanning, making it a convenient and time-saving tool for professionals in the digitizing process. Overall, AESUB transparent can greatly increase efficiency and productivity in the scanning industry.

AESUB products works ideally with White light scanners. (scanners that project white light patterns onto the object to be read by cameras for point cloud triangulation.) This includes all of the Shining Einscan scanners.

use on the following materials for successful scan:

  • Transparent materials - Glass, plastic
  • Translucent materials - Polypropylene, wax, semi-translucent plastics
  • Mirrored surfaces - Including Polished or raw metal, mirrors, chrome etc.
  • Anisotropic surfaces - hair, brushed metal etc.

Recommended (Optional):

  • High contrast materials - black and white stripes
  • Surfaces with fine ripples/texture (ie FDM 3D prints)
  • Shiny/Polished surfaces - Car paint, reflective plastics


AESUB Transparent Spray
  • Produces a transparent finish ideal for scanning with white light scanners (such as the Shining3D EinScan family)
  • This is a sublimating spray. You spray your parts, and the material slowly sublimates (solid -> gas). You can scan and the material disappears. Your subject remains unharmed and unaltered
  • Dissipates in approximately 4 hours
  • Leaves no residue and easy to handle
  • Disappearing state-ofthe-art dulling spray
  • Perfect for colour capture
  • Free of pigments – free of titanium dioxide
  • Fine, semi-transparent layer
  • No cleaning required
  • Developed & approved by scanning experts
Even with state-of-the-art scanners, it is necessary to apply matting spray in several application cases:
  • Transparent parts

    As we are dealing with optical technologies, light needs to be reflected off the surface back into the sensor of the scanner. In case of a transparent surface, however, the light will go through the surface instead of being reflected by the same. In consequence, the scanner is not able to capture the surface structure.

  • Reflective parts

    In case of reflective parts, such as a mirror, the light beams will be reflected in a focused way instead of in a diffused way. This means that the chance of a beam hitting the reflector of the scanner is greatly reduced and the scanner will only capture a fraction of the reflected light beams.

  • Deep Pocket

    When the object to be scanned has deep pockets, the scanner receives a reflection from the walls of the pocket onto the bottom. This causes disturbance in the pattern of the light manifesting in the scan as “artifacts” or bad data.

  • High quality and accuracy

    When quality and accuracy are important, AESUB aides in scanning by controlling for as many visual quality differences as possible, such as colour, reflection, texture, etc. The use of spray creates a matte, white coat reducing reflection and other inhomogeneities and thus provides ideal scanning conditions.

Aesub Product Range | Scanning Sprays

Product AESUB
Delivery From:

aerosol can
400 ml

1L, 5L, 200L

200 ml
Measurement Volume: S-M S-L S-XL S-M L-XL XS-S
Spraying Distance: 15-20 cm 5-10 cm
Coating: vanishing vanishing permanent vanishing vanishing vanishing
Effective Scan Time: 1-2 h 4-8 h permanent 1-2 h 1-2 h 2-4 h
Sublimation time: 4 h 12-24 h -- 4 h 6 h 4-6 h
Colour white white white transparent white white
Contain pigments: no no yes no no no
Contain titan dioxide: no
Layer Thickness 8-15 μm 2-6 μm 7 μm 15-20 μm 10-20 μm 0.5-1 μm
Adhesion of Reference Points: yes yes no yes yes yes
Coverage Area: 4 m² / can 4 m² / can 4 m² / can 4 m² / can 15 m² / L 20 mm² / ml
Optimal Processing Temperature: 21°C (69.8°F)
Shelf Life: 5 years
Packaging Unit: 12 / box 12 / box 12 / box 12 / box 6 x 1L / box
12 x 200 ml
/ box

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