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Makerbot Method 3D Printer

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MakerBot METHOD 3D Printer

The MakerBot METHOD is a professional-grade, tinker-free 3D printer that allows you to print ultra-precision parts with a 60°C heated chamber. Delivering uncompromised performance right out of the box, METHOD is the only platform in its category to provide guaranteed dimensional accuracy on printed parts. Developed from the ground up leveraging industry-leading Stratasys® technology, METHOD features high-quality components like a heated build chamber, precision dissolvable supports, and dry-sealed material bays. Perfect for quick prototypes, fit tests, and concept iterations. METHOD delivers maximum innovation with minimal investment.

What's In The Box
  • 1 MakerBot METHOD 3D Printer
  • 1 Spring Steel Build Plate
  • 1 Performance Extruder 1 Model
  • 1 Performance Extruder 2 Support
  • 1 Nozzle Brush
  • 1 Hex Key
  • 1 USB A-to-B Cable
  • 1 US Power Cord
  • Dual Performance Extruders
  • Dry-sealed material bays
  • Wifi Connectivity and 21 on-board sensors
  • Remote Monitoring and Printing
  • 25 Compatible CAD File Types
  • 5" Full-Color Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Over 300,000 of Reliability Testing

Heated Chamber Delivers Stronger Manufacturing-Grade Parts

- A Heated Chamber produces stronger parts than a heated build plate
- Achieve consistent strength in three axis with recirculating heat on every layer
- Print real ABS, ASA, and PC-ABS with superior mechanical and thermal properties than modified desktop 3D printer formulations.

Open Platform For Advanced Engineering Materials

- Print with official MakerBot materials including Nylon Carbon Fiber, ABS, Nylon, PC-ABS and SR-30
– each carefully tested for thousands of hours to achieve engineering standards of printed part dimensional accuracy and strength.
- Access unlimited materials with an Open Materials Platform enabled by MakerBot LABS. Print advanced materials, such as ABS Carbon, TPE (flexible), PETG ESD, and PC.

Guaranteed Part Accuracy And SR-30 Soluble Support

-Complex geometries that are impossible to print with advanced materials on a desktop 3D printer – Enabled by Stratasys SR-30 soluble supports
-The only printer in its class to guarantee finished part dimensional accuracy ± 0.2mm (± 0.007in).
-Print complex assemblies that fit with tight tolerances – every time.

Save Engineering Time With An Automated Workflow And CAD Intergration

-Put an end to tinkering and time-consuming printer upkeep with the most streamlined workflow in the industry, including automated material handling, build plate leveling, and extruder calibration. -Keep your projects moving and enjoy peace of mind with our leading in-house customer support and MakerCare machine hot swap.

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