5 Times Faster, Cost Reduced by 90%

How Raise3D Printers Benefit Prototype Design of Automobile Parts

Streamline Your Workflow

The Future of Manufacturing

Produce Faster with Lower Costs

By incorporating a Raise3D Printer into your manufacturing process, you can reduce production costs by 50% and cut turnaround time by 83%. Remove the prototyping step and go straight to casting your printed moulds. With just one person, a 3D printer, and some CAD software, you can produce parts faster and more efficiently.

Hassle Free Replication

3D scanning combined with 3D printing allows you to rebuild and refurbish your classic car using cutting-edge technology. You can scan the parts you need to duplicate with a good 3D Scanner and then print them with your Raise3D printer. Produce components that fit properly and have a high level of detail with minimal error and cost.

Car Mods Made Easy

The Raise3D Pro3+ 3D Printer can create larger parts than other traditional 3D Printers. Because of its material compatibility and flexible shaping, it is ideal for automotive modifications. Using low-cost filament, you can create customised patterns for spoilers, side skits, bumpers, and other parts for a fraction of the cost.


Produce 5x Faster, Reduce Costs by 90%

Read the whitepaper to learn how Unitycoon Co. LTD. streamlined their workflow and maximized production with Raise 3D Printers.

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Raise3D Pro 3 Plus

Raise3D Pro 3 Plus

The Pro 3 series of printers fully integrate with Raise3D’s software ecosystem, which includes a 3D slicing program, ideaMaker. An open-sourced template library for many different print profiles and a cloud-based 3D Printing software called RaiseCloud

Key Features
  • Machine size: 620×590×1105 mm
  • Auto bed Leveling
  • Flexible build plate
  • Detachable hot end and extruder cover
  • EVE smart assistant
  • Air flow manager
  • Resume Print after Power Loss or Filament Outage
  • HD camera to view prints at any time
  • Dual Extrusion
  • Air flow manager for better heat dissipation
  • Wireless Compatibility

Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)

Build Volume

300 × 300 × 605mm

Starting at

$9,875.00 CAD

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