Cut almost anything with the Wazer Waterjet - the desktop solution for your shop!

Revolutionize your cutting with the Wazer Waterjet.

Steel, stone, tile glass - you name it; the Wazer Jet cuts them all. It is industrial-caliber, yet, compact enough to fit your desktop. And your budget.

The Wazer Waterjet

Experience premium water-cutting for your small business for a fraction of the cost

The Wazer is a low-cost, industrial-grade CNC waterjet, ideal for your small business needs.

the Wazer Waterjet on a desk

Say goodbye to space restraints - the Wazer Waterjet fits on your desk. Easily.

No need to get a bigger office space. Or a dedicated room for 3D printing. Place the Wazer on your desk and start cutting.

A part that has been cut using the Wazer

Cut your material in-house and reduce production turnover.

The Wazer allows you to keep your printing in-house, speeding up your processes and making you more efficient.

Utilizing WAM: Wazer's software

Fast-track your journey from design to cutting.

With the tick of a few boxes, the easy-to-use, cloud-based WAM software for Wazer turns your designs into ready-to-cut files.

Redefine the way you work, wherever.

Wazer waterjet works to benefit your workflow in a variety of industries. Accelerating your processes and giving you back control.


Precise and accurate prototyping

Create precise prototypes with the correct materials, enabling rapid testing and iteration. Design, cut, and test, with high accuracy.

Accelerate your iteration process

Rapidly iterate designs in-house with our cold process waterjet. Cut multiple variations faster, without edge hardening or material distortion. No outsourcing needed.

Create complex mechanical assemblies

Cut multiple sheet metal parts with a complex assembly process. The Wazer streamlines them, creating high-precision results.


Ramp up production with early failure analysis.

Examine and test parts, analyzing for quality and failure with the Wazer. Eliminate the slow and tedious process of sample testing and ramp up volume quickly.

Need a mold urgently? No problem.

Don’t put your production on hold because you don’t have the right mold available. Wazer lets you make single or multiple molds at the same time, when you need them.

Customise parts with precision cutting.

With Wazer, you can cut sheet metal parts to fit that asymmetrical component in your production. Or the perfect enclosure for that spare part. With high accuracy.

Arts & Crafts

All your creativity unleashed, without the labor.

You can now make complex parts for your artistic work and carve designs you never thought possible. Without the stress of manual cutting.

Scale up in less time.

Using the Wazer is like having an extra set of hands do all the cutting for you, while you focus on doing what you love the most.

Tap into the true beauty of your work.

Incorporate various materials and shapes into your artistry. Fragile glass or precious metal, concave shape or complex curves - Wazer helps you go all out in your craft.


New skills for the modern workplace

Students can get ready for industry work with Wazer’s cutting-edge technology. They can go from idea to finished project faster, safely, and affordably.

Classroom or studio safety guaranteed

No need to worry about dangerous parts or processes. The Wazer Waterjet comes fully enclosed, so that project work can be done safely, whether in high school or at graduate level.

Go from ideas to real projects without limitations.

Students can think of the wildest ideas but it doesn’t have to stop there. Take designs from CAD to Wazer’s easy-to-use WAM software and then to cutting, with no restraints.

Custom Fabrication, fast and in-house.

Fabricators who make props for film and TV explain how they use WAZER to water jet cut parts in the proper material.

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Getting To Know Wazer

Good things come in small packages. The WAZER is a small-footprint, industrial caliber CNC waterjet that can cut almost anything. Easily fits on a desktop.

Top Specs

  • Cutting Area (D x W): 12 x 18 in / 305 x 460 mm
  • Kerf (width of cut): 0.044 in / 1.2 mm
  • Cutting Materials: Cuts metal, glass, plastic, composites, tile, rubber, foam
  • Gantry Max Speed: 59 IPM / 1,500 mm/min
  • Gantry Positional Accuracy: 0.003 in / 0.08 mm
  • 110V / 60Hz WAZER (North America): Compatible with all countries whose electrical standard is 110V / 60Hz
  • Waterjet Main Unit: 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz, 2A, 200W
  • Waterjet Main Unit Size (Desktop): 34 x 26 x 22 in / 856 x 648 x 551 mm
  • Waterjet Main Unit Size (Standup): 34 x 26 x 48 in / 856 x 648 x 1220 mm

Starting at $13,699.00 CAD

Leasing Options Avaliable

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Whether it's metal, plastic, composites, tiles, glass, or stone, the Wazer can handle it all with precision and ease.




Carbon Fiber

Ceramic Tile


Fused Glass




Memory Foam

Mild Steel



Porcelain Tile


Spring Steel

Stained Glass

Stainless Steel


Tool Steel

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Wazer Waterjet Cutting Cost Analysis

When thinking of taking your business to the next level, Wazer’s competitive cost per part makes it a no-brainer compared to other technologies. But don’t take our word for it. See the cost analysis below.

Item Material Thickness Cust Cost Time


ALUMINUM 0.188" $23.42 1 Hour
36 Minutes


STAINLESS STEEL 0.039" $9.26 37 Minutes


CARBON FIBER 0.125" $6.78 27 Minutes

WAM: The Software Built for Waterjets

Go from design to cutting fast with the free and easy-to-use WAM software designed by Wazer for Wazer. Tick a few boxes and watch your project go from designs to files ready to be cut in the Wazer Waterjet. WAM even tells you how long each cut will take, and how much abrasive will be used


Autodesk fusion 360
Adobe Illustrator

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