Our technicians and applications specialists have the experience and the equipment that be honed to help you.

On-Demand Services

Leverage our on demand services to Print, Scan, Design, Cut and assemble your ideas into reality.

3D Print on Demand

Get your parts 3D printed by the experts, through our partner: PrintCluster

3D Scanning

Get your parts 3D scanned by the experts, through our partner: PrintCluster

Laser Cutting & Engraving

Get your parts laser cut & engraved by the experts, through our partner: PrintCluster

Trade Printing Service

Already a Shop3d select customer? Fasttrack your parts into trade-printing services by sending in complete project files that you’ve validated on your own machines. Billable with terms, immediate project start and increased bulk printing discounts.

Design Services

Have an idea but don’t have the capacity to engineer or design in-house? We can help you make it a reality from start to finish from discovery, consultation and design prototyping.

Uptime Services

Preventative and reactive services to avoid or overcome disruption.

Site Scan & Application Consultations

How can 3D printing help your Design & manufacturing process? Let our experts help you boil down the massive sea of choices to a few well considered solutions with clear expectations and outcomes.

Bridge Printing Services

When under the pressure of mission critical, time sensitive projects, allow our bridge printing services to serve as your insurance plan in unexpected spikes in production, crunch times and technical interruptions.

Installation & Training

Fully equip your team for success by having vendor certified shop3D staff install your systems and on-board your operators. Ensure that you are fully equipped to fully leverage the equipment from day 1.

Hot Swap Services

Maximize uptime by subscribing to our hot swap services. If your printer experiences problems that require a detailed analysis and repair. Have a printer sent to you to use while yours is getting repaired or maintained.*

Technical Services

Expert advice and customized solutions optimized for you by our technical team.

Annual Maintenance Plan

Avoid unexpected breakdowns at the worst time with preventative maintenance contracts. Ideal for educational institutions with predictable peaks and troths in equipment use, send the printer in for a yearly once over during the break and be ready for the next school year.

Materials and Workflow Consultation Services

Does your project have requirements that doesn’t seem to fit normal processes? Our application team has experience creating specific workflows for one of a kind specialized outputs with dozens of material and process choices. Make an informed decision using our knowledge to narrow down the pros and cons of each option.

Direct Technical Support

Call our certified tech support on select brands to get instant answers whether you are dealing with a technical problem, require optimization, or simply need a recommendation.

On-Site Service Calls

Require time sensitive technical resolutions? Schedule a Shop3D tech to visit your location. * geographic restrictions apply

Leasing Services

Shop3D Offers Leasing Through CWB National Leasing

Lease Calculator has partnered with CWB National Leasing which offers a variety of leasing options and has the ability to approve deals within hours.