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Raise3D: Industrial 3D Printing for Flexible Manufacturing

Raise3D's focus is to inspire industry-level change by designing and building 3D printers that extend the limits of what is possible for designers and manufacturers.

Raise3D Pro Series

Agile Production Made Simple.

Raise3D’s newly launched Pro3 Series professional dual extrusion 3D printers meet the needs of both production and multi-sized rapid prototyping

Raise3D Pro 3 Plus

Raise3D Pro 3 Plus

The Pro 3 series of printers fully integrate with Raise3D’s software ecosystem, which includes a 3D slicing program, ideaMaker. An open-sourced template library for many different print profiles and a cloud-based 3D Printing software called RaiseCloud

Key Features
  • Machine size: 620×590×1105 mm
  • Auto bed Leveling
  • Flexible build plate
  • Detachable hot end and extruder cover
  • EVE smart assistant
  • Air flow manager
  • Resume Print after Power Loss or Filament Outage
  • HD camera to view prints at any time
  • Dual Extrusion
  • Air flow manager for better heat dissipation
  • Wireless Compatibility

Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)

Build Volume

300 × 300 × 605mm

Starting at

$7,670.00 CAD

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Raise3D E2 Series

A user-friendly desktop sized IDEX printer ready for any project

Raise3D Pro 3 Plus

Raise3D E2CF

E2CF is a desktop 3D printer developed by Raise3D for carbon fiber-reinforced filaments and other composite materials.

Key Features
  • Built for Carbon Fiber production
  • Nozzle with high durability
  • Double Gear Extrusion System
  • Compatible with a variety of carbon fibre composite filaments
  • Works amazingly with PA12 CF Support Filament
  • Exclusive IdeaMaker slicing profiles
  • 7-inch touch screen
  • Resume Print after Power Loss
  • Dual Extrusion
  • Direct Drive IDEX System
  • Wireless Compatibility
  • Full Metal Frame

Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)

Build Volume

330 × 240 × 240mm

Starting at

$5,479.00 CAD

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Independent Dual Extrusion (IDEX)

Independently operating print heads that can help maximize your throughput

What is IDEX?

What is IDEX?

The E2CF and E2 are IDEX 3D printers. IDEX stands for independent dual extruders meaning the extruders can operate independently of one another along the same axis during printing to perform more advanced functions.

Why use IDEX?

Why would I use IDEX?

With IDEX, one extruder can remain motionless and off to the side while the second extruder prints the model, minimizing the risk of the nozzle on the motionless extruder interfering with the print job during dual or single extrusion printing.

Mirror Mode

What is Mirror Mode?

Mirror Mode is a feature that enables a 3D printer with independent dual extruders to print two identical or symmetrical models simultaneously.

Duplication Mode

What is Duplication Mode?

Duplication Mode is synchronized printing, meaning it uses both extruders to print a model and an exact copy of that model at the same time. It can double production capability within the same time frame.

Raise3D Software

The Software Solution for Seamless Workflow

EVE Assistant

The Pro3 Series has a built-in EVE assistant system, preloaded with common printing problems and corresponding solutions. The EVE assistant can guide users to accurately locate and resolve issues that could affect the final print job. The EVE assistant has a function that gives users reminders about regular scheduled interventions to ensure that printer maintenance is performed on time. It also helps reduce maintenance times and communication costs for an efficient maintenance process.

Raise Cloud

RaiseCloud is web based 3D printing platform that remotely controls, monitors and reports your teams entire print production process at a glance. RaiseCloud allows companies to easily manage any number of users, printers and print tasks in one customizable module. Users can control workflow management, monitor pertinent data and remotely modify parameters with a click of the mouse.

Raise Cloud
Raise3D IdeaMaker


ideaMaker has built-in support for the Raise3D ecosystem. The Raise3D ecosystem contains 3D printers, RaiseCloud, and ideaMaker Library. All these tools are now accessible from ideaMaker with only one click. Users can easily access and download ready-to-use, new slicing templates from ideaMaker Library without any manual setup. Then users can assign the 3D printing task to either RaiseCloud for remote monitoring and batch management, or OctoPrint for initiating third-party 3D printers in just one click.

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