Formlabs Fuse 1

High Performance SLS, Finally Within Reach. Bring the industrial power of selective laser sintering (SLS) into your workshop with an affordable, compact system for production-ready nylon parts.

Efficient end-to-end workflow

The Formlabs Fuse 1+ is a compact, contained ecosystem that packs industrial power at an affordable price. From print setup to powder recovery, Formlabs' easy-to-use hardware and software are designed to maximize your efficiency at every step of the process. Bring the fabrication of strong, durable, and stable nylon parts in-house with this highly anticipated system.

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SLS Made Manageable

Manage production and prototyping in-house, on-demand, without compromising. The Fuse 1+ delivers industrial power in a small footprint with effective powder containment and easy setup.

  • Low Maintenance: The Fuse 1+ is designed for minimal upkeep. A full color touchscreen interface guides you through every step of printing and maintenance.
  • Low cost per part: With reduced equipment cost, affordable material, and a high material refresh rate, the Fuse 1+ is the smart choice for affordable, industrial quality SLS 3D printing
  • Low waste: Produce robust, fully-functional parts at a 30% powder refresh rate — with unlimited cycles. This means you can print with up to 70% reclaimed powder, indefinitely.

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SLS made managable

Convenient, intuitive workflow.

From print setup with PreForm to post-processing with Fuse Sift, Formlabs' easy-to-use hardware and software are designed to maximize your efficiency at every step of the process.

  • End-to-end powder handling: A compact, contained ecosystem keeps all powder handling within the Fuse 1+ and Fuse Sift.
  • Automated print setup: PreForm print preparation software automatically suggests optimal orientation and part packing, with the ability to manually refine as needed.
  • No surprises: Monitor your print in real-time from the live video feed via the printer's touchscreen or your computer for constant peace of mind.

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Create ready to use prints with the Formlabs Fuse 1+ 's convenient workflow

SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) uses a laser to bind the thermoplastic powder layer by layer. It offers high accuracy and consistent mechanical properties across all axis unlike traditional filament printing processes.

Sturdy, stable end-use parts.

With final prints that combine strength and detail, Fuse 1+ prints are ready to undergo rigorous functional testing, or to ship to customers are replacement parts or products that are ready to use.

  • One material, from prototyping to production: Use the same process and material from iterating on concepts to manufacturing small batches of finished products.
  • No supports: Print complex or interlocking geometries, undercuts, overhangs, and intricate details with a self-supporting powder print process.
  • Patent pending Surface Armor technology: A semi-sintered shell protects the surface of parts as they print for consistent part quality and mechanical properties.

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The Formlabs Fuse 1+  prints sturdy, stable end use parts without supports.

Maximum Productivity.

Over-deliver on your projects with a reliable 3D printing ecosystem that can print all day, every day, with minimal supervision. The Fuse 1+ increases productivity while lowering costs.

  • Many parts in one build: With no need for supports and automated part packing algorithms, many models can be tightly packed into your build.
  • Always printing. Add a second removable build chamber, compatible with the Fuse 1+ and Fuse Sift, to enable continuous printing and reduce downtime.
  • Minimal waste: Produce robust, fully functional parts with up to 70% recycled powder. The Fuse 1+ offers a 30% powder refresh rate so you can make the most of your powder supply.

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Formlabs Fuse 1+  SLS allows for many parts in one build

Fuse Sift and Fuse Blast: Completing the Fuse 1+ Workflow

The Fuse Sift is the best sidekick an SLS 3D printer could ask for. This powder recovery station combines part extraction, powder recovery, storage and mixing in a single free-standing device. Included with the Fuse 1+ Complete Package.

Simple workflow

The Fuse Sift is a safe, efficient system for extracting Fuse 1+ prints and recycling powder.

Compact, enclosed system

A negative air pressure system keeps powder inside while enabling open access and easy cleanup.

Efficient powder recycling

Reduce waste by recycling powder at a 30% material refresh rate. Fuse Sift's sieve filters our particles to be remixed with new powder and reused in future prints.

Automatic powder dispensing

Fuse Sift will automatically dispense and mix used and new powder after you set a ratio on the control panel.

Tools Included

The Fuse Sift includes a set of finishing tools to help you clean excess powder from parts.

Foolproof Controls

Manage every step of the process with an easy-to-use control panel.

Fuse Blast: Automated SLS polishing and Media Blasting

The Fuse Blast can be added as a complement to Fuse Sift, for the post-processing workflow. Helping to reduce cleaning time to as little as 15 minutes overall — an 80% reduction in average hands-on labor time.


Fuse Blast delivers hands-free, automated, professional-grade SLS part cleaning at an accessible price and size. While Traditional automated blasting solutions are very expensive, large, and often require complex infrastructure.

Clean Parts, Clean Workshop

Fuse Blast's in-line ionizer removes static charges from parts, ensuring that each part is clean to the touch, with no powdery residue.

From Print to Professional Final Product in as Little As 15 Minutes

The Fuse Blast takes on the work of post-processing SLS parts and makes it easier for users to devote their time to other higher-value tasks. Less time spent on post-processing also opens up opportunities to scale production and increase Fuse Series output, without adding staff.

Automated Tumbling for Hands-Free Powder Removal

The hands-free tumbling basket uses a combination of basket rotation, compressed air, and abrasive media — it can also be removed easily in situations where manually cleaning larger parts requires more room to move within the Fuse Blast.

Options for Hands-On Attention to Detail

For large parts, users can opt to manually clean using the ergonomic blasting nozzle and foot pedals to precisely remove any excess powder from the surface of the parts.

Compact, Clean, Quiet Operation

The entire Fuse Series ecosystem has been designed so that anyone can have access to industrial-grade SLS parts — whether they’re in a small office or large warehouse. The Fuse Blast is no different and can be placed directly next to the Fuse Series printer and Fuse Sift for a simple, contained workflow.

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Fuse 1+ Super Showcase

SLS 3D Printing Made Affordable

Superior print speeds, industrial-grade materials, zero waste, and High ROI in a compact footprint. That's why businesses are choosing the Formlabs Fuse 1+ 30W over other SLS 3D printing machines. Take a virtual tour of this powerful machine as we explore the convenient, intuitive workflow from printing to finished part. Explore the Fuse Sift's fully-functional powder recycling system. See how parts can be produced with competitively high powder recyclability, lower cost per part—and less waste!

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