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Behind The Scenes Of 3D Printed Prop Making

Exploring the power of 3D printing featuring customer success stories

Prop makers can now meet tight deadlines and streamline workflows at a fraction of the cost, thanks to 3D printing. Studios using this technology produce props much faster than traditional methods, sometimes cutting production time in half. This allows studios to promise more with less, completing work without outsourcing and reducing costs. With 3D printing, prop makers can focus solely on creativity, resulting in innovative prop making. With these benefits, 3D printing is rapidly becoming the go-to solution in the film industry.

Faster Turn Around Times

Dreamsmith Studios achieved a remarkable reduction in production time, going from 1 month to just 2 weeks, for a full-scale replica dummy of an actress in Raised By Wolves Season 2.

Increased Efficiency

By implementing 3D scanning technology, they captured actors and actresses remotely, eliminating the time consuming mold making process. Utilizing the Formlabs Form 3L, they directly 3D printed prosthetics for the final production, streamlining their workflow and increasing efficiency.

Boundless Possibilities

These advancements in 3D Printing and 3D Scanning not only saved Dreamsmith Studios significant production time, but also unleashed boundless creative possibilities for the team.

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"(3D Printing) allows us to promise more in less time and at a cheaper price; something that is invaluable in the budget-conscious world of the film industry"

- Jaco Snyman, Founder of Dreamsmith Studios

Bring Concepts to Life

Speaking about their experience working on Raised By Wolves Seasons 2, Dreamsmith acknowledges that many of the props they created were initially only theoretical ideas. However, they successfully brought these concepts to life under tight deadlines.

Intricate Designs

One notable example is their Realistic Human Cocoon, which involved a combination of traditional prop-making techniques and 3D printing. The cocoon was crafted with traditional methods and incorporated 3D printed scales as outer details.

Hybrid Workflows

Another impressive creation was a Skeleton prop with complex geometries, which would have been nearly impossible to make using other methods due to its intricate design. By integrating traditional production methods with 3D printing, Dreamsmith Studios lives up to their name and pushes creativity to new heights.

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"This is a prop that would have been practically and financially impossible to create without the use of the (Formlabs) Form 3L."

- Jaco Snyman, Founder of Dreamsmith Studios

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The Benefits of Dual Extrusion

With dual extrusion, users have the flexibility to print objects with different colors, varying material properties, or even use specialized support materials. Support materials that easily snap off or dissolve in water allow prop makers to utilize complex geometries that would be time consuming, difficult or impossible using traditional methods. These materials also simplify the post-processing stage, as the supports can be easily removed or dissolved away without damaging or leaving residue on the prop. This results in a clean and professional finish. Learn more about the options afforded by dual extrustion: Why Dual Extrusion Matters

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