Modernizing the way architects move through the design and iteration process by utilizing 3D Printing


In the world of modern design and innovation, something incredible is taking shape – quite literally. Architects, urban planners, and interior designers pushing the boundaries by utilizing 3D printing. It's transforming entire industries. From crafting architectural marvels to redefining urban spaces and revolutionizing interior design, 3D printing is giving professionals the tools to turn imagination into reality in ways we've never seen before.


Make Architects: Transforming the model shop with 3D printing

Award winning architecture practice Make uses 3D printing for large feasibility studies. With Ultimaker they saw a 90% time and cost saving but the real benefit for them was a "workshop" way of working.


Renderlabs x Mosaic Manufacturing

Renderlabs helps their real estate developer customers generate and close sales leads with a modern approach: 3D printed display models. The Mosaic Palette 2 allowed them to take their business to the next level by offering their customers rich, four colour models without having to change their process.


Architectural Model Making with the Mayku FormBox

The Mayku Formbox Desktop Vacuumn Former works with your 3D printing to bring your architectural models to life. 3D printed base shapes can be vacuum formed to imitate glass or make molds for duplicating parts.


Aranda\Lasch and Formlabs Bring the World's Largest Lens to Times Square

Formlabs offers clear parts, high detail and unique geometries. Formlabs' high detail parts allow you to test concepts at scale and bring your designs to life with little finishing nor additional steps.


a building 3D printed on with the Formlabs Form 3

3D Printing Scale Architecture Models: Insights From Laney LA

When he joined Los Angeles design firm Laney LA, architect Paul Choi knew he wanted to introduce the firm to 3D printing. Laney LA wasn't regularly using physical models, but today, they're constantly producing models to test ideas, communicate with clients, and make decisions.



“If we weren’t using a 3D printer, we would feel compelled to spend more time visualizing designs through renderings and drawings. The ability to have a physical model of a complicated design straight from a 3D model in CAD gives us multiple impactful images in less time.”

- Paul Choi, Architect, Laney LA


3D printing is already being used by businesses to get ahead, don't get left behind.

Bring production in-house with 3D printing and take control of your projects.

Work in tandem with traditional models by adding unique details that would be costly and labour intensive to do by hand. Work internally and print your entire CAD models to create a strong, accurate visual model that can be updated with cleint feedback. 3D printing opens the doors to many creative uses. There are also benefits that decision makers want: reduced costs, reduced iteration time and, through Shop3D, dedicated training and support.

Cost Comparison

Real parts, real savings

Part External Suppliers Ultimaker 3D Printers
Iterations/Model Cost/Model Iterations/Model Cost/Model
MATT Architecture Cityscape models 1-2 £400 3-4 £15
Cost Per Part Time per part Cost Per Part Time Per Part
Make Architects Model Production £80 24 Hours £1 3-5 hours
Data collected from


Print a sample part with us. Have a site evaluation or discuss your needs with out applications egineers to determine your potential savings with 3D printing

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"Ultimaker 3D printers haven’t just sped up model production and saved costs. By automating the production of additional context models, they allow our model-makers to focus more creative attention on the site’s actual design."

- Paul Miles, Modelshop Manager, Make Architects

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