Build your makerspace with is back for another year at OLA Super Conference! This year we're bringing you two on-demand videos to help with your library makerspace.

Makerspace Best Practices

Tips and tricks to get started with a new markerspace or improve your existing setup.

3D Scanning for Schools & Libraries

With a rising interest in AR, VR and similar 3D environments, we're anticipating greater demand for 3D scanning technologies to make creating for these spaces more accessible. So how does a 3D Scanner fit into your library makerspace?

Education Focused Solutions

Prepare your Students For the future.

The Benefits of Working With

Why we're trusted by your fellow educators.

Educational Pricing

Educational institutions can get special educational discounts by reaching out to our sales staff. We will provide a custom estimate for your school/library/University as well as expert advice to get your 3D Printing curriculum moving.

Educational Purchasing Requirements is already an approved vendor for almost all large educational institutions in Canada. Fundamentally, we understand the requirements for insurance, compliance and anti-corruption practices to be a Vendor for your institution.

Account Management

Education focused support from our Account Managers. Get pre-purchase recommendations that fit your application and safety needs. Post-purchase order reviews ensure that both consumables and parts will be compatible with your fleet so you always know you're getting the right products, within your budget.

Training and Support

We make support our top priority, offering:
  • In-store or 1:1 virtual training
  • On-site installation and support
  • E-mail, Phone and Chat Support (During Business Hours)

Warranty Repair is an authorized service center for Ultimaker, Formlabs, Raise3D and soon Dremel Products in Canada. Our full time in-house service techs offer an extra layer of support by assisting with issues and liasing with the manufacturer's support team for you.

In-House Tested Products

We're confident that our site lists the best products on the market within their price bracket. How can we be so sure? Every product on our website has been throughly curated and tested by our in-house team; Giving us expert first-hand knowledge and experience.

We're Trusted by Educators Across Canada

We're in most school boards, so we're prepared to meet your needs - from certifications to POs.

Looking for More? Let's Chat.

Our expert staff are here to answer your questions and offer support.