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BCN3D Epsilon W50 Dual Extrusion 3D Printer

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Powerful professional 3D printing solution, designed to deliver large-scale parts with industrial-grade materials.

The Epsilon W50 is a powerful professional 3D printer, designed to deliver large-scale parts with industrial-grade materials, thanks to features such as its passive heated chamber and full enclosure. Powered by our Independent Dual Extruder (IDEX) system, the Epsilon W50 delivers exceptionally strong functional parts with quality and precision.

Technical Specs
  • Build Volume: 420mm x 300mm x 400mm (16.53” x 11.81” x 15.75”)
  • Independent Dual Extrusion (IDEX) with soluble support material or multi-material parts
  • Filament run-out detection
  • Heated bed up to 120ºC
  • Active bed-levelling
  • Fully enclosed with door safety built-in
  • Passively heated chamber up to 60 degrees with airflow control
  • Air Filtration with Category H13 HEPA Filter
  • Swappable hotends by e3D™
  • Nozzle diameters: 
    0.4mm (installed) / 0.6mm / 0.8mm /
    Abrasive: (For abrasive materials such as PAHTCF15)
    Hotend X: 0.6mm
  • Dual drive Bondtech Extruder
Compatible Materials
  • PLA
  • PVA
  • BVOH
  • PETG
  • TPU98A
  • TPU85A
  • PLA Pro1 (Tough PLA)
  • rPET
  • PA (Nylon)
  • ABS
  • PP
  • ASA
  • HIPS
  • PPGF30
  • PAHTCF15
  • PETCF15
  • Ultrafuse 316L
Engineering, Product Design, Manufacturing, Universities and Schools, Architecture, Service Bureau, Research, Small Business, and Health Care.
    Epsilon W50 with the Smart Cabinet


    • Precision formed metal frame to maximize rigidity, and motion system repeatability while minimizing weight and cost. 

    BCN3D Epsilon W50 3D Printer

    Build plate

    • Heated bed up to 120ºC.
    • Removable glass build surface. 
    • Thin aluminum sheet for faster and more uniform heat transfer across the build plate, minimizing and eliminating cold spots. 
    • 100% contact between the glass plate and heated aluminum plate for the best heat transfer conditions. 
    • Automatic and manual build plate levelling to achieve perfect 1st layer contact every time. 

    Improved Extruder System

    • Shorter bowden tubes to reduce friction and better control filament travel. 
    • Rheology (study of molten filament) testing for profiles definition.
    • Hardened dual-drive Bondtech extruders
    • Optimized e3D hotends


    • Two independently moving print heads
    • Increase throughput by 100% when printing in duplication or mirror mode
    • Best dual material printing method, one head parks on the side while the other is printing. 
    • Avoids potential collisions and ooze from the inactive extruder
    • Purge buckets for both print heads reduce printing time by eliminating prime towers and ooze shields

    Two Print Heads on an Epsilon W50 3D Printer

    Fully Enclosed Build Chamber

    • Fully enclosed print volume 
    • Passively heated chamber up to 60ºC controlled by exhaust fans allows printing warping sensitive materials such as ABS and Nylon with the same ease as PLA

    Filament detection

    • Run-out sensors detect the end of the filament and pause the job automatically so you can continue printing without losing any time. 


    • Enclosed printer envelope with door sensors
    • Pauses the job if the door opens to keep you safe
    • Ideal for manufacturing shop-floor or school environment 
    • HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air) filter to protect you and your co-workers from harmful particles emitted when printing industrial materials
    • Category H13 → Efficiency of 99,95% for the most penetrating particle size (MPPS) 0.3μm.
    • Carbon Filter → VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) to shield you from harmful fumes produced when melting materials


    • BCN3D Cura, best in class 3D printing slicer. Use in beginner, intermediate and advanced mode for best user experience and versatility.

    BCN3D Software


    • OTA firmware (over the air) updates
    • Send print files via WIFI or cloud using BCN3D Cloud
    • 5” full colour touchscreen for easy control


    • Print abrasives with e3D’s hotend X, designed and manufactured with best in class materials to create a wear-resistant, thermally conductive, and “filament phobic” hotend. 
    • Available as an add-on is a cabinet to keep your additive manufacturing lean, flexible and organized.
    All BCN3D Printers from Shop3D are certified in Canada by eSafe Ontario or QAI Laboratories and have a certification label affixed to the back of each unit. This label is accepted by all electrical regulatory authorities in Canada.

    BCN3D Epsilon W50 and W27 Printers


    The standard warranty for this machine is 1 year. BCN3D Epsilon Series Warranty

    Warranty does not cover:

    • Defects caused by inappropriate transportation (without original packaging) or handling of the Product (including without limitation, defects caused by sharp elements, cutting, bending, compression or fall).
    • The wear and tear caused by the use of the Product, including, but not limited to, the wear of moving parts, control panels or elements that interact with the operation of the Product.
    • The damages caused by the non-compliance of the maintenance plan exposed in the User’s Manual of the Product.
    • The malfunctions or damages caused by modifications, alterations or repairs carried out by any individual or company not authorized by BARCELONA THREE DIMENSIONAL PRINTERS, S.L., being excluded from this assumption the replacements of consumables.
    • Damages caused by unusual failures in the electrical network.
    • Damage caused by abuse, misuse, accident or negligence when using the Product.
    • Effects derived from the Product’s exposure to floods, fire, humidity, spillage of food or chemical compounds, corrosion, oxidation, extreme atmospheric conditions or any other agent external to the Product.
    • Damages derived from the use of Software other than that recommended by BCN3D.
    • Damages caused by not using materials recommended by BCN3D.
    • The components considered as Consumables:
      • Hotends,
      • Teflon tubes,
      • Glass printing surface,
      • Filament spools,
      • Printing adhesive (Magigoo),
      • Printed parts,
      • HEPA and Carbon filter.
    • Any product in which the serial number is not visible.
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