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Curious to see how you can leverage the Form 3L to fit company needs and get that ROI even faster? Use our tool below to help calculate that. Just select some parts and your desired output rate and we will calculate how long it would take you to reach your return on investment by utilizing the Formlabs Form 3L. Want to have an even deeper conversation about reaching your ROI? Contact us.

Reduce prototyping costs with in-house 3D printing


Across industries, 3D printing is helping professionals cut outsourcing costs, iterate faster, optimize production processes, and even unlock entirely new business models.

Read our customer story to learn how SLA 3D printing enables the creation of high-resolution parts while giving you the advantages of fast turnaround time, quick design changes, and cost-per-print savings.

Formlabs Form 3L Customer Succes Story

Cut your costs with in-house 3D printing vs. outsourcing


Businesses can expand their use of additive manufacturing by turning to large-format 3D printing. To produce larger parts, many currently turn to outsourcing. However, outsourcing 3D printing can be time-consuming and costly. In this eBook, we look at how in-house large-format 3D printing with the Form 3L stacks up against other methods of production, mainly outsourcing and using FDM printers.

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Save Time and Labour Costs: ROI of The Form 3L


In-house 3D printing is becoming increasingly more popular amongst companies, it can bring full-size prototyping in-house at a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing techniques. The high-quality prints and no need for outsourcing reduce time spent prototyping.

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